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3 Reasons Your Practice Needs the Best Practice Management Software

By Planet DDS
August 3, 2020

In the context of updating your dental practice management software, the “tip-of-the-iceberg” analogy is quite helpful. It means that what you see above the surface represents the visible aspects of your dental practice workflows and systems that directly influence daily patient care. However, there might be several essential processes hidden below the surface that were previously neglected due to inadequate software.

By updating your dental practice management software, you can turn this analogy to your advantage. This decision should be looked at from two perspectives:

  1. The “tip-of-the-iceberg” corresponds to a robust practice management platform, which represents the visible and prominent features.
  2. The “below-the-surface” refers to your practice management platform’s capabilities, which include the crucial but less apparent functionalities that contribute to the overall efficiency and success of your dental practice.

In other words, updating to a cloud based dental management software will not only enhance the visible aspects that you can see (the tip of the iceberg) but also address the essential but hidden functionalities that are essential for smooth operations (what’s below the surface).

When to update your dental practice management software

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unforeseen changes to the field of dentistry. However, it also stimulated innovative approaches to patient care. Some of the notable changes include:

  1. Increased awareness about infection control and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).
  2. Adoption of teledentistry, enabling remote consultations and care.
  3. Implementation of contactless patient registration portals and digital communication to facilitate contactless interactions.
  4. Introduction of curbside check-in protocols to minimize in-office contact.
  5. Adoption of a paperless dental practice, such as smart devices and tablets, for digital documentation.
  6. Transition to electronic prescriptions for convenience and safety.

These are just a few of the new realities that dental practices have had to embrace or seriously consider in recent times. The question now arises: Is your dental practice management platform capable of accommodating the increased demands imposed by the pandemic and any other unforeseen challenges that may arise in the future?

While it’s not our intention to create unnecessary alarm, the ability to pivot and adapt both now and in the future is one of the crucial reasons why updating your dental practice management software is essential. By doing so, you can ensure that your practice remains flexible and well-equipped to handle any changes or challenges that come your way.

3 questions to ask when you want to update your dental practice management software

Remember, what’s on the surface must have the capacity to handle the unseen innovative and operational tasks below the waterline. A few simple questions can help clarify your goals before making an investment.

1. Is the current version of your dental practice management software up to date?

Like app updates on your smart device it’s easy to keep a software update in queue. The reality is that you could be diminishing your software’s capacity to meet current demand – patient care or innovative ideas like cloud based dental practice management.

Even so, an upgrade might be the better than an update.

If your dental practice still relies on paper-based tasks like filing insurance claims with envelopes and stamps, it’s a sign that you need an upgrade. Similarly, if your team spends a lot of time fixing mistakes on mailed forms, it’s time to consider updating your dental practice management software. Upgrading can streamline tasks, reduce paperwork, and make your practice more efficient and adaptable to changes.

2. How efficient is your billing process with your current dental practice management software?

The efficiency of your billing process is closely tied to how much you rely on insurance. Submitting claims directly on insurance company websites can be time-consuming.

To improve efficiency and speed up reimbursements, consider a cloud-based platform that allows you to submit e-claims or e-attachments from within your own system. This feature is worth evaluating when considering an upgrade for your best dental practice management software. It can save you time and help optimize your billing procedures.

3. What is the electronic delivery capability of your current dental practice management platform?

The amount of information you distribute to patients can help you evaluate your system’s digital communication capabilities. Start with your protocols for patient recalls and scheduled appointment confirmations.

You’re aware that new patient acquisition and patient retention is a time intensive process. But it can be made more efficient if your platform has built-in digital communication tools.

Though you might still occasionally rely on direct mail (paper) communication you could increase productivity by being able to track your campaigns from within your platform.

Maximize your practice’s potential with dental practice management software capabilities

As previously mentioned the “tip-of-the-iceberg” refers to the visible costs of traditional practice management software:

High initial investment and increasing costs for upgrades.

  • Ongoing support, maintenance, and update fees.
  • Expenses for hardware, servers, and additional software.
  • Data recovery, security, and IT staff dependence.
  • Reliance on staff for reporting and analytics.

A cloud-based platform like Denticon includes all these features without hidden costs, making it a more predictable and innovative investment for dental practice

And some requirements such as IT staff are not necessary. Plus, reporting and analytics are resident in the platform further reducing staff involvement. You might find a cloud solution like Denticon to be a more seamless and low maintenance platform to keep up with the rising demands of dental patient care.

  • Monthly subscription rate is predictable
  • Data hosted in the cloud is remotely and securely accessible
  • Savings compared with a “legacy” system can total an average of 40%

It makes sense to look below the surface and see the massive potential of upgrading to a cloud-based dental practice management solution.

Thinking about or ready to update your dental practice management software? Contact us or request a demo of the Denticon platform today!