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Planet DDS is the highest-rated, fastest-growing company in the industry.

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We never stop learning

We’re a group of dental and technology veterans and experts-in-training. We value professional development, continuous growth, and challenging one another to achieve more than we thought possible.

We’re all on the same page

From sales to product to customer success and everything in between, we have a singular mission: to create innovative solutions for industry problems. This unified focus connects our ever-expanding team across departments and locations and propels us forward each day.

We’re in constant pursuit of innovation

When we took the first practice management software to the cloud, we knew it was big. But then we set another goal, and another, and we haven’t stopped since. From the most senior staffer to the newest junior, we value every voice and idea. Because that’s how innovation happens.

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Our Values


Working independently and across teams, we create scalable solutions to enable company growth.


We are educated on the experience of our customers and feel vested in their success.


We feel ownership for the quality of our work and take pride in the positive outcomes.


We operate with integrity and honesty, making promises we know that we can keep.


We are driven by our ability to make a long-term, positive impact on the lives of dental market leaders.

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Competitive benefits

401K program

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What our employees are saying…

I have been here for 16 years and some of the reasons that I was attracted to Planet DDS from the beginning are the flexibility, the autonomy, and the work-life balance.

Lissett Garcia
Director of Sales - Existing Clients

One of the things I love is the people. I truly love working with every single person that I interact with. It's been a blessing to meet so many new and cool people across the world. Our executive team is great and they are easy-going, they listen, and they don't make rash decisions. It's a very collaborative team environment and I feel like I have a voice here.

Xavier Gardner
Director of Account Management

I love all the people I worked with and love the fact that this is a growing company and I'm really excited for what the future holds.

Chris Hadziev
Director of Inside Sales

A lot of why I love the company is having the ability to be myself and a really big part of that is being a mom. It's been a fantastic ride and the upper management is absolutely supportive. Everyday is exciting and I really enjoy the things that I do.

Euliza Connolly
Implementation Manager

I've been here for over a year and some of the best things are the culture, the leadership, as well as the opportunity for career progression.

Ryan Chan
Director of Special Markets

I love seeing the energy and growth that we had. The upper management is really motivating and I love what we do and how we do things proactively.

Chae Kim
Senior Vice President - Product

Absolutely amazing culture, stellar teammates, and always challenging each other. I really enjoy contributing to working towards a universal dental product experience.

Sayeed Yaqubi
Product Manager

The one thing I love is the people and being able to interact with so many cultures and backgrounds.

Asim Wallace
Account Executive

I've been here for 10 years a nd I love how passionate we are about the things that we do.

Greg Duchon
Product Manager

There are awesome and very kind people working together here. I get to learn so many things every single day!

Vi Chee
Project Manager - IT

One thing I enjoy about Planet DDS is maturing and developing the product. Really excited in helping develop our Planet DDS imaging solution into a world-class product.

Austin Servantes
Assistant Imaging Technician Manager

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