Support Webinars

Support webinars are available free of charge to all Denticon users. Our expert team uses the webinars to provide refresher training to Denticon users on key topics that will help offices get the most out of our practice management software.

Lets Talk with Patients: Dentigram

November 2017

During this hour-long session, learn more about Denticon’s patient communication function, with a focus on Dentigram. Some topics include how to request Dentigram activation, patient communication, appointment confirmations, recall reminders, text messaging, emails, robocalls, ringless voicemail, and same day messaging.

Virtual Business Services

October 2017

This month’s webinar is all about getting help without hiring another staff member. During this hour-long session, learn more about Denticon’s Virtual Business Services (VBS) with topics including fee schedule entry and updates, insurance verification, insurance claim follow-up, and insurance payment entry.


September 2017

This hour-long session is all about Denticon’s prescription function, with a focus on DoseSpot. Some topics include: approval process, integration into Denticon, generating prescriptions from Denticon, renewing prescriptions for refill, reviewing patient prescriptions, and patient education materials.

Imaging Made Better

August 2017

This Denticon Support Webinar is all about Denticon’s imaging function, with a focus on the Apteryx Dentiray Capture (DCV) and Dentiray Web (XVWEB) imaging software. Some topics include: importance of MSR (minimum system requirements), bridge, registry settings, setting up templates, exposures for better quality, modifying images, image measurements, merge duplicates, and move record.

 Medical Billing in a Dental Office

July 2017

This Denticon Support Webinar is all about Denticon’s medical billing features. Some topics include: procedure codes, diagnostic (ICD) codes, cross-coding dental and medical procedures, cross-coding dental and medical ICD codes, and claims.


May 2017

This session is all about recalls in Denticon. A few topics include: recall procedures, recall appointments, recall reports, and recall postcards.

Let’s Communicate with the Patient

April 2017

This session is all about letters in Denticon. A few topics include: document templates, pick lists, question prompts, merge fields, making standard templates customized for a patient, e-signing documents, and letters.

Perio Charting Made Easy

March 2017

In this session we discuss perio charting in Denticon. A few topics include: voice perio charting; templates for faster data entry; measurements – pocket depth, FGM, MGJ, CAL; backdating DOS; and perio reports – comparing dates.

Better Clinical Record Keeping

February 2017

In this session we discuss best practices for clinical record keeping in Denticon. A few topics include: creating and managing progress notes macros using prompts and pick lists; assigning progress notes to procedure codes; writing progress notes; signing progress notes; and progress notes reports available in Denticon.

New and Improved Restorative Charting

January 2017

Learn more about the new and improved restorative charting in Denticon. Topics include pre-existing conditions and the new treatment drawings.

Managing the Scheduler

December 2016

Learn more about managing the scheduler in Denticon. Topics include viewing and maneuvering the scheduler, quick appointment making, and moving/rescheduling appointments.

Patient Facing Features

November 2016

All about patient facing features in Denticon. Topics include the patient portal, online patient registration, and AppointNow online patient appointment scheduling.

Treatment Plans

October 2016

All about treatment plans in Denticon. Topics include restorative charting, manipulating the planned procedures, and pre-authorization.

Payment Contracts

September 2016

All about contracts in Denticon. Topics include regular contracts to pay off existing balances and treatment-planned procedures, ortho contracts for periodic payments during the term of treatment, integrated credit card billing for automatic charging of periodic amounts, and other reports to track contracts created and balances owed.

Monthly Reports

August 2016

Learn more about how to use monthly reports in Denticon. This video covers monthly reports for production, collections, aging balances, claims not created/on hold, unbilled insurance claims, and other indicators of practice performance on a monthly basis.

Daily Reports

July 2016

Learn more about how to use daily reports in Denticon. This video covers reports for production, collections, daily scheduled production, appointments (missed and canceled appointments), progress notes (not entered and not signed), and other important indicators of practice performance.

Insurance Payments

June 2016

Learn more about how insurance payments work in Denticon. This video covers the basics of insurance payments, insurance write-offs, the patient relationship to the insurance plan, insurance payments to a patient’s previous balance, ledger details for claim specifics, ledger sort options using filters, batching insurance payments, and a useful report for collection reconciliation.

Claims Processing

May 2016

Learn more about how claims work in Denticon. Specific topics include: using the Claim Status feature, the importance of batching claims (don’t leave any unsent), how to fix an incorrect provider on a claim (and how to avoid), pre-authorizations (how to create, track, and update), Advanced Procedure option (how to use this “hidden” button), reports to help you stay on top of claims and office A/R, secondary insurance (how to submit after the fact), and DentalXChange.

Insurance Plans

March 2016

More about how insurance plans work in Denticon. This webinar covers types of insurance plans, adding/editing insurance plans, and searching for/adding insurance plans to patient records.

Fee Schedules

February 2016

Everything you ever wanted to know about fee schedules in Denticon, including: types of fee schedules, fee schedule assignments, and hierarchy of fee schedules. Proper use of fee schedules comes with a long list of benefits: more accurate production and A/R financials, better treatment planning, better patient estimations and fewer adjustments.

Ledger Activities

January 2016

An in-depth discussion of ledger activities, with a particular emphasis on adjustments and auto-adjustments.

End of Year Tasks

December 2015

This webinar covers a variety of topics including how to close things out in Denticon for the end of the year, how to upload new fee schedules, and how to reset benefit renewals. Prepare for a successful new year and don’t be left scrambling on New Year’s Eve.