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Apteryx Imaging by Planet DDS

Apteryx delivers universally compatible dental imaging software that improves your clinical operations, helping you diagnose and treat your patients in the most effective way possible.

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Any of these dental imaging issues hit home?

If your dental practice is still stuck on premise-based or closed architecture imaging software, your practice isn’t performing at its best.

Limited access to imaging records

Your clinical team can’t view important patient information unless they are physically in the clinic, quickly complicating off-hour consults or emergency situations.

Capped data storage

Dental X-ray images take up space. A lot of it. And once your on-premise server is full you’re forced to replace it with a bigger, more expensive one. Since servers become obsolete every 3-5 years, the cycle never ends.

Difficulty scaling

Multiple software solutions, on-premise servers, security software – the list goes on. Between hardware costs and software inconsistencies, scaling your practice feels out of reach.

X-rays are critical to your day-to-day. Why settle for anything less than the best?

Apteryx imaging solutions seamlessly integrate with Denticon and deliver an efficient,
modern clinical experience.

Implement in any size practice

From one office to 300 or more locations, Apteryx imaging optimizes your diagnostic protocols and enables your team to efficiently deliver better patient care.

Get unlimited data storage

Dusty servers? You don’t need them. Apteryx comes with unlimited cloud storage, so you never have to buy a server again.

Reduce IT expenses

Save your IT team time and money. Not only does Apteryx reduce security risks, but automatic updates and continuous backups are included in your monthly subscription.

Leverage open architecture

Apteryx software is compatible with all major imaging hardware manufacturers and practice management solutions.

Enjoy advanced imaging tools

Diagnose with even greater accuracy using image enhancement tools like brightness adjustment, spot enhancement, filters, labeling and annotations, and more.

Improve clinical collaboration

Cloud imaging software lets you share images with collaborating physicians with just a few clicks, giving your patients more comprehensive care.

Apteryx not only provides us with a truly hardware-agnostic product, but they also provide us with a great support and development team. Their product was the front runner for us, and the customer service aspect really sold us on it.

Justin Aaron
IT Infrastructure & Support Manager, Park Dental

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Get answers to the most common questions about Apteryx Dental Imaging.

  • Apteryx offers cloud-based dental imaging software. Apteryx XVWeb is our cloud-based X-ray software. We also offer XVWeb 3D, a revolutionary cloud-based solution for 3D dental imaging. All of our software are state-of-the-art, industry leading solutions, backed by decades of experience and knowledge in dental imaging.

  • XVWeb is a cloud-based dental imaging software. That means your dental office enjoys the most up-to-date version of XVWeb at any given time. No need to pay for updates or upgrades. You can also significantly cut your IT spend by eliminating or reducing the need for servers and monthly maintenance costs.

  • Yes and yes. XVWeb is compatible with all major dental radiology imaging devices and practice management solutions. XVWeb is an open source imaging software, which is the opposite of a proprietary system. Where a proprietary system would lock you into a specific imaging device or practice management solution, XVWeb is designed to let you choose any dental imaging device and practice management solution.

  • Our HIPAA-compliant X-ray image portal allows your practice to share clinical data securely at any time and any place via a compatible device.

  • With 3D dental imaging, you can access and securely share cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and stereolithography (STL) datasets online. All 3D image interactions can also be completed via the web, utilizing a full suite of online image enhancement, annotation, and implant planning tools.

See how Apteryx is improving the quality of patient care.

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