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Apteryx Imaging – the preferred choice for military organizations.

Apteryx Imaging is the dental imaging software supplier for the US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

Why Apteryx for the military?

Enterprise-level management

Centralized image storage, easy configuration, and custom integrations through available API functions.

Easy to use

Significantly less onboarding compared to competitor products saves time and
boosts efficiency.

Secure and universally compatible

Secure, HIPAA compliant access and image capture for all major sensors,
hardware, and practice management solutions.

Apteryx not only provides us with a truly hardware-agnostic product, but they also provide us with a great support and development team. Their product was the front runner for us, and the customer service aspect really sold us on it.

Justin Aaron
IT Infrastructure & Support Manager, Park Dental

Robust imaging software ideal for all military personnel

Apteryx XVWeb

This leading cloud-based dental imaging software provides centralized storage and anytime, anywhere access, all while reducing your IT costs.

XVWeb 3D

The XVWeb 3D module gives your team in-cloud access to an advanced 3D toolset, extensive implant library, and effect presets.

What people are saying…

I gained the ability to see all three offices at any given moment - doctors' and hygienists' locations, schedules, how busy they are, and more, just by clicking the specific location.

Martha McCarty
Business and HR Manager of Cross, Lavinder, Quinn & Park Family Dentistry

Our version of the ‘DSO of the future’ focuses on providing enhancements and investments around doctors, hygienists, and staff, so they can deliver outstanding and predictable clinical outcomes and provide an exceptional patient experience. We saved money by using Denticon, and in so doing, we were able to reinvest that money into the clinical capability of dentists and hygienists we support.

Fred Ward
CEO, Marquee Dental Partners

Selecting a best-of-breed practice management platform was critical to support our ongoing, multi-phase, IT services modernization initiative as we continue to scale. Denticon rose to the top when it came to required DSO feature-functionality. It also checked the boxes for me with a maturing architecture, integration possibilities, and overall performance.

Todd Boufford
Vice President of IT Services, Riccobene

See how Denticon helped this organization standardize and centralize.

Park Dental

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