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Equip your mobile dental practice for maximum impact.

Our dental software solutions give you the functionality you need to deliver high-quality dental care to the patients who need it most.

It’s no secret: mobile dental practices
face unique challenges.

Whether your practice is 100% mobile or a brick and mortar hybrid, our cloud-based software helps you optimize your processes – for your team and your patients.

Access patient information anywhere

Cloud-based software enables virtual consults in just a few clicks. View real-time scheduling, patient charts, and images remotely with ease, anywhere with an internet connection.

Increase your team’s capacity

Efficient dental software helps you chart accurately and efficiently. With built-in (and customizable) macros, your team can spend less time charting and more time caring for patients.

Improve your patient experience

Online booking, registration, and payments are just a few of the ways modern dental software can help your mobile practice deliver a more convenient patient experience.

Monitor your mobile performance

Operating in multiple locations can make it difficult to monitor patient volumes and staff utilization. With comprehensive practice management software, you can easily analyze the performance of each branch of your practice.

We use Denticon at all our different sites, including our teledentistry sites. We were one of the first nonprofits to begin a teledentistry program in 2016, which wouldn’t have been possible without a cloud-based system like Denticon. Essentially, our patients receive X-rays in their classrooms or in one of our mobile dental clinics. Through Denticon, the images and patient notes can be accessed in real-time offsite, where one of our dentists reviews them to develop a treatment plan.

Dr. Harvey Lee
Chief Dental Officer, Healthy Smiles for Kids of OC

Software and features ideal for mobile dentistry


Denticon is our comprehensive cloud-based practice management software, designed for dental practices of all sizes, in all locations. It includes the features you need to deliver efficient, high-quality dental services to patients in need.

Our mobile dental practice clients are often most interested in these Denticon capabilities:

Why Denticon

Apteryx Imaging

Apteryx imaging software integrates seamlessly with practice management software, helping you optimize your diagnostic protocols, and deliver better patient care. Most of our mobile clients opt for XVWeb, the leading cloud-based, open-architecture imaging software on the market.

Why Apteryx

Denticon Practice Services

Front office administration tasks quickly burn time, money, and staff resources. In conjunction with Denticon, we offer outsourcing services for insurance verification, fee schedule entry, and more.

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What people are saying…

We are one of the original users of Denticon. We have been very satisfied with Denticon. We do not worry about security, we don’t worry about backups, and the system has worked very well for us. It’s very cost effective and the cost of starting up is virtually zero. I have recommended Denticon to many people over the years.

Dr. John Maguire
Founder of Morgan Hill Dental Care

Selecting a best-of-breed practice management platform was critical to support our ongoing, multi-phase, IT services modernization initiative as we continue to scale. Denticon rose to the top when it came to required DSO feature-functionality. It also checked the boxes for me with a maturing architecture, integration possibilities, and overall performance.

Todd Boufford
Vice President of IT at Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry

Denticon can scale. Right now, tomorrow, and in the future. Regardless of 50 offices, 100 offices, 400 offices—we know Denticon is going to be there for us.

Brandon Halcott
Co-Founder and President of Tru Family Dental

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