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Optimize your solo dental practice for growth.

Whether you have ambitions to scale or simply want to upgrade to a more effective and reliable dental software, we can help.

Is your current software
more of a hassle than help?

Transitioning software is an investment, but it’s worth it. Planet DDS has the software and services you need to modernize and future-proof your practice.

Save time and improve efficiency

The right practice management and imaging software save your clinical and administrative teams time that would otherwise be spent hunting for files and manually entering data.

Deliver better patient experience

Ineffective software means inefficient service. Leverage intelligent software to improve imaging, charting, scheduling, billing, and more and deliver an all-around better experience for your patients.

Uncover hidden revenue opportunities

Intelligent software enables you to track critical metrics in your practice, automatically generate detailed reports, and identify opportunities to improve efficiency and drive more revenue.

We'd been longtime Dentrix users prior to this—leaving that behind and switching to Denticon was by far one of the most significant beneficial changes we've ever made to our office operations. We would never even consider going back. We’ve found so many benefits and unexpected synergies in using Denticon—and it seems like we're always discovering a few more. We are sure that it has been a genuine competitive advantage for us, making it possible for us to keep up and even excel in today's rapidly-evolving dental practice arena.

Dr. Douglas Doran
Owner, Rivereast Dental

Powerful solutions to transform your private dental practice

Denticon Practice Management Software

Denticon is our comprehensive cloud-based practice management software, designed for dental practices of all sizes. It includes all of the features you need to modernize and grow your practice.

Our private practice dental practice clients are often most interested in these Denticon capabilities:

Why Denticon

Apteryx Imaging

Apteryx imaging software integrates seamlessly with Denticon PMS and helps you optimize your diagnostic protocols and deliver better patient care. Most of our private practice clients opt for XVWeb, the leading cloud-based dental imaging software on the market.

Why Apteryx

Denticon Practice Services

Front office administration tasks quickly burn time, money, and staff resources. In conjunction with Denticon, we offer outsourcing services for insurance verification, fee schedule entry, and more.

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Spend more time with patients, less time on paperwork.

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