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Standardize, centralize, and grow your DSO.

From administration and clinical care to corporate management and expansion, get the tools you need for success.

The right dental software can drive big results.

Whether you’re moving to the cloud for the first time or searching for innovative ways to streamline your operations, our software solutions help dental service organizations like yours achieve and exceed goals.

Connect your organization

From 5 offices to 300+, centralization is key. Cloud-based software brings your entire practice under one roof and enables you to efficiently manage clinical and business operations.

Improve security

Cloud-based software allows you to standardize your security systems, easily manage user permissions, and quickly identify vulnerabilities. Your IT team gains visibility and control.

Deliver better patient experience

Ineffective software means inefficient service. Leverage intelligent software to improve imaging, charting, scheduling, billing, and more and deliver an all-around better experience for your patients.

Understand key revenue drivers

Whether you want to grow your revenue, expand your practice, or both, access to real-time analytics is critical for success. Auto-generated reports give you full visibility of what’s helping (or hurting) your practice.

Raise your practice valuation

Effective, cloud-based software can drastically increase your business valuation. On average, DSOs that move to the cloud typically see their valuation increase by $100,000 or more.

Cloud-based software solutions for your growing DSO


Denticon is our comprehensive cloud-based practice management software, designed exclusively for dental practices. It includes all of the features you need to streamline your operations and scale your practice with ease.

Our DSO clients are often most interested in these Denticon capabilities:

Why Denticon

Apteryx Imaging

XVWeb by Apteryx Imaging is the go-to choice for DSOs. Cloud-based and open-architecture, XVWeb simultaneously reduces your server footprint and practice costs.

Why Apteryx

Denticon Practice Services

Regardless of the size of your organization, front office administration tasks can quickly burn time, money, and staff resources. In conjunction with Denticon, we offer outsourcing services for insurance verification, fee schedule entry, and more.

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What people are saying…

I gained the ability to see all three offices at any given moment - doctors' and hygienists' locations, schedules, how busy they are, and more, just by clicking the specific location.

Martha McCarty
Business and HR Manager of Cross, Lavinder, Quinn & Park Family Dentistry

Our version of the ‘DSO of the future’ focuses on providing enhancements and investments around doctors, hygienists, and staff, so they can deliver outstanding and predictable clinical outcomes and provide an exceptional patient experience. We saved money by using Denticon, and in so doing, we were able to reinvest that money into the clinical capability of dentists and hygienists we support.

Fred Ward
CEO, Marquee Dental Partners

Selecting a best-of-breed practice management platform was critical to support our ongoing, multi-phase, IT services modernization initiative as we continue to scale. Denticon rose to the top when it came to required DSO feature-functionality. It also checked the boxes for me with a maturing architecture, integration possibilities, and overall performance.

Todd Boufford
Vice President of IT Services, Riccobene

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