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Why Your Dental Practice Management Solution is Better in the Cloud

By Planet DDS
July 6, 2020

The internet has been described metaphorically for as long as it’s been a viable resource. The “cloud” seems to be an appropriate metaphor since it’s driving today’s business systems and defining the question of why your dental practice management solution is better in the cloud.

What is a cloud-based system?

Cloud computing is sharing resources, software, and information via a network. More specifically, that network utilizes an internet connection to transfer and assimilate data.

Think virtually (rather than physically)!

Your information can be stored (physically) on a server. That server, of course, is tethered to a specific location and is limited by storage capacity.

A virtual (cloud based) system is untethered due to its internet connectivity. And for the most part it has limitless accessibility and capacity (given an available internet connection).

If you use Google and it’s suite of applications, Amazon, Netflix, etc. you’re accustomed to having access to a cloud-sourced service.

The different types of cloud based systems

Cloud utilization can take many shapes. Basically, there are three common categories of cloud based technology.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

These provide a variety of practical applications for personal information access and management as well as for business.

For example, the days of having to carve out space on a physical device to save/store your information, data, or other digital consumption is gone. Having an internet connection or related virtual connectivity (cell service provider, etc.) now gives you somewhat limitless data storage and related access to it.

Let your mind run considering the power of the cloud for business information management and sharing – your dental practice included.

What are the benefits of a cloud-based solution and how does it make “life” easier for business?

Essentially, cloud technology is easier, cost-effective, and faster for businesses of all sizes – including your dental practice.

Cost effectiveness

Low total cost leads most businesses to choose a cloud-based system for their data management. On-site, hardware based systems are typically expensive to purchase, maintain, and upgrade – not to mention having capable personnel to handle related issues.

A cloud-based SaaS or PaaS solution most often includes the necessary functionality and serviceability access.

Easy to implement and use

A hardware and/or software implementation process can take months. Plus it can pause or halt production while systems are installed or updated.

Cloud-based systems do require an implementation period but the curve is much less than with on-site, server based systems.

Automatic software updating

On-site software ages and unfortunately is often outdated when you purchase and install it. Time and costs are required to stay current.

A cloud-based solution has built in updating capability. And the upgrade fees are typically “baked-in” to the software.

Scalable and flexible

Business growth can quickly outpace your computer technology. Bandwidth can be stretched to capacity as well.

Cloud technology can more easily flex and scale to keep pace with your business growth and expansion.

Data security and recovery

A security breach is always lurking in the shadows these days. Lost equipment, passwords, and more can put your data at risk.

Cloud-based systems provide data encryption. This allows safe access for mobile, off-site, anywhere-anytime, and collaborative workflows.

The following forecasted the increase in cloud-based system usage by businesses:

”…by 2020, 83 percent of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud.”

That percentage could include your dental practice too. Now’s a good time to disconnect from outdated, overworked, on-site technology and upgrade to a cloud-based dental practice management solution.

How a cloud-based solution can be better for your dental practice management

Let’s apply some of the previously mentioned core benefits of cloud technology to your dental practice management.

1. Cost-effective technology and data management

Your desktop technology and software can naturally reach its limit. Perhaps your workflows have changed and you’re discovering that your current operations require less duplication and more centralization.

For example the Denticon cloud-based dental software solution solves operational challenges.

  • Avoid record and task duplication.
  • Seamlessly move patients between in-office providers, other practices within your group, or throughout your DSO (Dental Service Organization)
  • Centralize routine business and administrative tasks and keep your team focused on patient care
  • Communicate and share insurance provider information and related fee schedules within your office, additional group practices, and DSOs.
  • Delegate centralized tasks to a virtual business assistant so you can maintain your patient focus

2. Ease of implementation for routine team and practice functions

Reporting and tracking of patient data is time intensive and can be burdensome with a traditional desktop software system.

The Denticon cloud-based system makes reporting easier and more time efficient for your team.

  • Real-time reporting is available for areas of desired focus and is viewable across all in-office and other out-of-office locations.
  • Track relevant metrics to promote production and revenue opportunities
  • Eliminate spreadsheet creation, difficult to access data silos, and costly reporting tool add-ons

Clinical functionality is also improved.

  • Clinical data entry and management can be streamlined with customizable macros and templates
  • Standardize your clinical processes within your dental office or other affiliated offices
  • Securely view your patient records and images remotely
  • Create specialty treatment protocols without jumping software platforms
  • Access to full patient records regardless of where treatment was provided in your network

3. Secure updates and scalable usage

A cloud-based solution for your dental practice releases you from the need to manage what can feel like an endless stream of software updates. And you can relax knowing that each update is secure as you maximize the Denticon platform’s capabilities.

  • Hardware and server cost issues are reduced via a robust all-in-one cloud-based system
  • Centralize user management with a comprehensive library of administrative “rights and permissions”
  • Maintain HIPAA compliance and avoid security breaches that can occur with on-site data storage
  • Eliminate system delays caused by required software patches or updates and login requirements

Planet DDS’s Denticon is the proven cloud-based Dental Practice Management Software in today’s market among solo private practices, private group practices, and top DSOs.

Contact us for more information about how Denticon can streamline your systems and operational tasks.