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How a Cloud-Based Practice Management Solution Can Relieve Pain Points for Your DSO

By Planet DDS
March 31, 2021
Cloud-Bases Relieves DSO Pain Image

If you’re leading a DSO it’s likely there are a variety of good reasons you chose that path. Now that you’re invested, complexity is something to be reckoned with. Leading a complex organization is now among the reasons to consider how a cloud-based practice management solution can relieve the pain-points for DSOs.

Innovation in the past two to three decades has changed much about how you access and manage data. For dentistry, practice management software has helped level the field of patient scheduling, treatment planning, patient communication, data access and storage, and numerous other routine workflows.

Systems are designed to help you do your job better and more efficiently. As a DSO you’re perhaps reaching or already have reached the limits of a system that’s tethered to an in-house, local client-server.

“The cloud you say??”

Hesitancy is common, especially when you consider untethering your organization from a traditional approach to data access, management, and security. But as you’re perhaps already aware that same system could be reaching the limits required for DSO growth.

Cloud-based systems:

  • Are easily accessible via a secure internet connection
  • Require no local server setups or bulky computer hardware

Confidence remains high among those who have chosen a cloud-based solution. In fact, over 80% of healthcare organizations are already using the cloud.

Like a growing number of solo practices, group practices, and DSOs, care providers are discovering that the cloud delivers.

  • Data accessibility
  • Centralized control of patient information and practice metrics
  • Improved security
  • Regular updates without service interruption
  • Organizational scalability
  • Cost savings

A few fundamental and convincing reasons a cloud-based practice management solution can relieve the pain-points of your DSO

Again, it’s not that complexity is a bad thing. But with a complex organization comes some challenges that the cloud can certainly better equip you to handle.

Accessibility vs. Inaccessibility

A basic pain-point a cloud-based solution heals is limited access to patient and practice information when you need it. Keep in mind, that might be when you’re not in the office.

Equally, refreshing is being able to access your practice data from any type of device from wherever you are. Functionality will depend on the cloud-solution you select.

Accessing a cloud-solution’s capabilities relies on adequate training and practical implementation.

Initial platform evaluation should include questions that apply to set up, implementation, and training such as:

  • Is it easy to learn and navigate (especially on-the-fly)?
  • How intensive is the setup and related training?
  • Is the training practical and available within a daily workflow or does it require a closed schedule?

Security vs. Vulnerability

Fearing a data breach or being guilty of a HIPAA violation is a consistent point of concern. No system is 100% failsafe but your vulnerability is reduced when managing your organization in the cloud.

It’s a common misconception that being able to see your server on-site produces better security. But the bigger question is – who’s monitoring it around-the-clock?

  • Cloud-based systems are considered secure because qualified individuals are solely tasked with monitoring any threats.
  • Cloud-based systems are commonly certified and HIPAA compliant. Their security features are much more robust than a traditional, in-house server-based setup.
  • Cloud-based providers stand alongside you should a breach ever occur. If one happens to your in-house system you’re basically on your own.

It’s vital that you vet all aspects of a preferred cloud vendor. Confirm that the necessary security protocols are in place from data security, HIPAA certification and compliance, back-up redundancy, and support in the event of an unfortunate breach.

Cost-effective vs. Cost-intensive

Software is an investment. There’s an up-front cost and there are ongoing costs.

Cloud-based solutions are no different. Cost-effectiveness will depend on the vendor and the built-in capabilities that come with your investment.

Some cloud solutions are subscription-based. It’s important when considering one that you explore the line items associated with your investment.

Compared with a cloud-based system keep in mind that traditional client/server-based software often comes with a licensing fee attached. Related, a cloud vendor could typically charge a monthly fee.

  • Confirm all fee structures when selecting a cloud-based solution. Monthly? What’s included? Will it be cost-effective as your organization grows?
  • Clarify any and all equipment costs. And ask about upgradability, maintenance, replacement, etc.
  • Evaluate the system’s capacity to integrate with any third-party applications (e.g. digital imaging, billing, insurance, patient communications, etc).

Scalable vs. Fixed

Your ability to scale as you grow your DSO is another point of consideration. A contractual agreement with your chosen cloud vendor will most often allow for organizational growth.

A cloud-based agreement will differ from a client/server-based agreement. You want your platform to have expansion in mind.

  • Determine growth goals as you negotiate your vendor contract.
  • Build-in allowances for growth and “bandwidth” capacity for meeting your expansion goals.
  • Seek to “lock-in” a fee structure of fee package that serves your growth goals for an extended period of time.

There are undeniable benefits of a cloud-based system for your DSO. You probably won’t find a one-size-fits-all solution, so due diligence is essential as you choose.

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When you’re ready to choose!

You might find the cloud solution like Denticon to be a more efficient dental practice management platform to monitor and drive your dental practice, group practice, or DSOs’ performance.

The Denticon platform also provides:

  • A predictable, monthly subscription rate
  • Data hosted in the cloud that’s remotely and securely accessible
  • Savings that compared with a “legacy” system can total an average of 40%

It makes sense to explore the massive potential of upgrading to a cloud-based dental practice management solution.

Thinking about or ready to update your dental practice management software? Contact us or request a demo of the Denticon platform…before you decide!