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Why the Cloud is Right for Your Solo Dental Practice, Private Group Practice, or DSO

By Planet DDS
February 15, 2021

There’s more to your dental practice data and it’s management than storage. That consideration and more could help you understand why the cloud is right for you and your dental practice.

The cloud has become the standard way we refer to most of the data we consume these days. And frankly, it rolls off the tongue rather well when speaking about your data being – “in-the-cloud!”

It’s a choice to make

Your dental practice data and its management has one of two places to reside. It’s either in a traditional, legacy system on-site.


It’s “in the cloud.”

Your decision about whether the cloud is right for you could be helped by considering basically three things.

  1. Your choice of a technology or operating system

Computing platforms (e.g. desktops, mobile devices) and operating systems (e.g. Mac or PC) have application to on-site hosting or cloud-hosting.

  1. Your choice of technology and the patient experience

Hardware can impact patient interactions. For example, a mobile device allows your team to be more face-to-face rather than having to step away and access an operatory desktop unit. Again, on-site or cloud systems apply to both.

  1. Your choice of ongoing support and upgrades

Chosen technology can be managed by an on-site team member. Or you could outsource it to an IT company. Keep in mind that a cloud-based solution will in most cases require less on-site or outsourced support.

So, while we’re talking cloud advantage let’s explore the bigger “whys” of choosing a cloud-based platform.

Why the cloud is right for your dental practice management

No doubt, the trend is upward as a more dental and healthcare organizations report they’re using the cloud.

Early adopters to now are discovering the benefits.

  • Improvements to patient care with increased patient-facing solutions
  • Overall team efficiency increases from front-office to clinical
  • Revenue stream and profitability growth

That brings us to the big results you can expect when transition your dental practice to the cloud.

Simplified IT environment

You’ll notice a huge drop in complexity when moving to the cloud. Frankly, there are other complex issues associated with dentistry. Why should technology be among them?

Cloud-based systems don’t require bulky, maintenance-intense network servers. Legacy systems are most often tethered to a dependence on IT support – in-house or outsourced.

Of course, there are support costs packaged within a cloud system. But you’re likely to absorb some savings by not being reliant on a traditional server.

Group practices and DSOs will appreciate a more centralized support option built-into many cloud-based platforms. This keeps their system running efficiently throughout their organization.

Solo practices, group practices, and DSOs can appreciate the behind the scenes support on a cloud platform.

“…a good data center staff that hosts the cloud application will keep the software “tuned” to provide optimal performance. Systems change over time and need tweaks to stay efficient.”

Safe, secure data management

Data is always under-fire. Risks include:

You’re aware that securing your patient data is essential. Add to that the need for your dental practice to meet HIPAA-compliance standards.

It’s common to think that your practice data will be more secure in a physical location on-site (on a server) rather than in the cloud. Sure, anything connected to the internet has a risk of being hacked.

On the other hand, cloud-hosted solutions have their risks. But the chances are much less given 24/7 security monitoring.

Reducing or eliminating vulnerabilities is the goal. It’s not practical for most practices to have the capability for high level security around their data.

  • Cloud-based systems lift the security responsibility from your shoulders to their team of professionals.
  • Cloud-based systems provide real-time support if or when your data is compromised in any way.
  • Cloud-based security personnel are trained in HIPAA and data security protocols.

Seamless updates with less errors

Imagine no update notifications…or worse, CDs to upload. Plus, no multiple updates across your growing organization.

Cloud solutions allow you to “push” an update across the system. You’re up and running within a few hours if not immediately.

  • A cloud-based system can stay current with essential upgrades and install them in real-time.
  • A cloud-based system reduces program drain on your technology. Fewer programs will be installed helping reduce conflicts and errors.
  • A cloud-based system can interface with third-party applications. Flexibility is enhanced as various departments can utilize the available apps that serve their tasks and workflows.

Scalable access for productivity, efficiency, and collaboration

What about those days when you’re out of the office and a patient issue arises? Or perhaps you’re wanting to access some information without a trip to your facility?

The cloud has you covered!

Data is available anytime, anywhere. And it’s device-friendly so you can use your tablet, smartphone, or personal computer.

  • Secure, work from home access gives you and your team flexibility when necessary.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and specialists without being tethered to your fixed, office technology.
  • Innovate around emerging technology such as teledentistry and other virtual environments.

Before you make the leap

The cloud has far more pros than cons. As always, it’s a good idea (for fairness) to be aware of some potential downsides.

  • Internet connectivity and bandwidth are considerations. You’ll need more than a low-end connection – especially if you’ve relied less on web-based platforms.
  • Know the limits (if any) of your cloud provider capabilities. Make sure you have transitional assurances, accountability, and cancellation ability.
  • Be aware of any additional fees you might incur. Get clarity on every capability available in your chosen cloud package.

When you’re ready for the cloud

You might find the cloud solution like Denticon to be a more efficient dental practice management platform to monitor and drive your dental practice, group practice, or DSO’s performance.

The Denticon platform also provides:

  • A predictable, monthly subscription rate
  • Data hosted in the cloud that’s remotely and securely accessible
  • Savings that compared with a “legacy” system can total an average of 40%

It makes sense to explore the massive potential of upgrading to a cloud-based dental practice management solution.

Thinking about or ready to update your dental practice management software? Contact us or request a demo of the Denticon platform…before you decide!