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Most Powerful Denticon Features for DSOs and Group Practices — Part 2: “Why Denticon?” Series

By Planet DDS
January 15, 2021
Dental practice software features

In this multi-part series, we will be answering some of your most burning questions about Denticon. For example, can Denticon do dental office texting? If you’re in the market for a new dental practice management solution for your DSO or group practice, you might be wondering the same things.

In our sales calls, we’ve been asked, “What makes someone pick Denticon versus your competitors? Is it the features and functionality? Maybe it is customer service? Or pricing? What differentiates Denticon?” We will be answering these questions and more in this informative series.

If you belong to a DSO or group practice and want to learn about how Denticon’s features can help your practice, you’ve come to the right place. If you own a solo practice, we cover how Denticon features can help your practice here.

Enterprise-Level Reporting

One of the most powerful features in Denticon for DSOs and group practices is our enterprise-level reporting. Time and again, we hear from our clients that Denticon’s enterprise-level reporting is instrumental for their group’s growth strategy.

Denticon’s robust reporting capabilities can help large practices like yours gain visibility across all locations and save time for your staff. Goal-setting and accountability across all practices or individual practices can be done with a click of a mouse. Our dashboards are easy-to-understand graphic representations of the health of your DSO.

Collecting and analyzing data is an integral part of goal setting and tracking KPIs. In larger group practices, visibility across locations is especially important. But depending on what system you use; reporting can be a very time-consuming process for your staff.

One Example: Large DSO

In one example, a large DSO with 25 locations shared with us that their analytics manager was spending nearly 20 hours a week manipulating reports in Excel.

The benefits of using Denticon are substantial and far-reaching. With Denticon, the previously tedious task of reporting can be completed with a click of a button or even entirely automated. All your reports are easily viewable within Denticon’s dashboards, and you can even have key reports sent directly to your inbox with the frequency and format of your choice.

With a wide range of built-in reports, Denticon lets you see the “full picture” of the group’s practice at a high level or allows you “zoom in” to a granular level. A few ready-to-go reports include:

  • Daily production by provider
  • Missed appointment list
  • Patient ledgers
  • Production analysis by category
  • Capitation utilization by provider
  • Outstanding claims by provider
  • Referral production list
  • Treatment plan status by code
  • Patients by fee schedule
  • Responsible party list over 30 days
  • Ortho revenue report

Our goal for DSOs and large group practices using Denticon’s customizable and interactive reports is to help you draw actionable insights from historical and real-time data.

Jump Start Your Mornings with the Morning Huddle Dashboard

If your offices hold morning huddles, Denticon’s morning huddle dashboard will give your staff a big head start on their day. For DSOs and group practices, morning huddles are a great way to encourage visibility, camaraderie, and engagement across all practice locations.

This automated tool gives all locations key metrics on the group and individual offices’ overall performance and production goals. You can also view the offices’ performance from the day before to find opportunities for learning and improvement. And your staff can also see the day’s schedule to prepare for the day.

Our morning huddle dashboard is a quick and easy way for all your locations to track trends, goals, find areas of improvement, celebrate successes, and uncover potential opportunities. Excel spreadsheets don’t come close.

True All-in-One Solution

Denticon gives DSOs a competitive advantage with its all-in-one solution. Within Denticon, your staff can communicate easily with patients via text or email and patients can make payments online and those payments post directly to your ledger. Denticon also includes analytics and claims attachment for eClaims.

You might be thinking, we already have a third-party texting and email solution to communicate with our patients. Your group might already have an online booking platform and analytics tool, too. Some groups also subscribe to third-party clearinghouse attachment services that charge per claim for eClaims.

But these subscription costs add up quickly. Here are some examples of third-party subscriptions that can be eliminated if your group/DSO switches to Denticon:

  • Online booking platform: Can cost $999 for set-up fees and $250/month subscription fee
  • Patient communication platform: Can cost $329 for set-up fee and $299/month subscription fee
  • Analytics tool: Can cost $1000 for set-up fee and $500/month subscription fee

This means that depending on how many locations your DSO or group has; your group could be saving thousands of dollars per month by using the all-in-one Denticon software. Another real “cost” is the inefficiency of having your staff across all locations toggle between multiple applications every single day.

Denticon All-in-One Features

Another way Denticon’s all-in-one solution can help your DSO or group save time and money is by enabling a central billing office that can manage and securely access claims from all locations. Denticon also integrates with DentalXChange, allowing your DSO to instantly attach X-rays or other documents within Denticon.

Since payments automatically post to your ledger, manual entering of payments is a thing of the past. Whether your patient pays in-person or from the online payment portal, the moment the credit card transaction is completed, the payment is posted to your ledger.

Think of how much easier that would be for your staff to use one solution and how much money you could save by canceling extra subscriptions.

By centralizing, your office can automate more tasks and your staff can stop wasting time toggling between applications. Their time can be better spent on higher-value tasks like improving the patient experience.

IT and Security Benefits

If your group practice or DSO is currently running on multiple systems from different vendors, your IT department is doing a juggling act. By standardizing to one solution, your IT department will have a much easier time supporting your entire DSO. From training to troubleshooting, you can reduce your IT strain by consolidating your practice management solution.

IT related costs that can be eliminated or significantly reduced with Denticon are:

  • Up-front license cost for desktop practice management software
  • Remote login costs: Can cost $250+/year for each user and an additional $500-$1000/server
  • Back-up costs
  • Intrusion detection service
  • Software update costs
  • Cost of replacing a server can run $3,000-$40,000 for hardware, plus software licensing, installation, training, and ongoing monthly maintenance costs

dental office texting

There is, of course, the “cost” of not protecting your data. HIPAA breaches and ransomware attacks are on the rise while the healthcare industry remains the top target for cybercriminals. The average cost for stolen or lost records in the healthcare industry is $355 per record. The cost to recover from a data breach is so high that up to 60% of small businesses are forced to shut down within six months of a data breach.

Major Benefits Of Moving to Denticon

You can eliminate vulnerable local data storage, and there’s never any need to pay for or install updates or patches for your practice management software with Denticon. The Denticon subscription includes security and intrusion detection, frequent backups for disaster recovery, and software/feature updates. If your DSO and group practice house a lot of sensitive patient data, it’s prudent to move to a cloud-based solution.

As mentioned earlier, a major time-saving benefit of centralizing with Denticon is the ability to complete certain tasks centrally instead of at each location, as would be the case if you were using different systems. With a cloud-based solution, your team can access data and compile reports centrally and securely. This is instead of using cumbersome methods like VPN to access data from different locations that run on different systems.

Getting rid of an on-site server and moving to a cloud-based solution gives you predictable pricing, eliminates third-party subscription costs, reduces your IT burden and enhances your security, too.

Patient-Facing Features Like Dental Office Texting

Recent studies show that the vast majority of customers (in your case, patients) say that their experience is just as important as a company’s products or services. So, improving your patients’ experience is an investment you make in building patient loyalty.

COVID has had a significant impact on patient behavior. From signing forms in your office to minimizing time spent in your waiting room, patients want as seamless a process as possible. At the same time, you still want your staff to communicate and engage with patients in a thoughtful and timely manner.

Denticon offers several patient-facing features that will improve your patient’s experience. Patients can complete registration online, schedule their appointments, communicate with your office via dental office texting, and make payments online.

Using A Centralized Solution

By using a centralized solution like Denticon, your DSO can easily send mass texts to patients at all locations, or you could segment patients by individual offices. Your staff has the flexibility to automate or schedule appointment reminders, confirmations, recall reminders via text or email for the entire group or single locations.

Patients are more and more expecting to be able to complete forms, schedule appointments and make payments online. Allowing them to conveniently communicate with you via dental office texting and email is yet another way to improve their overall experience.

Staying connected not only helps improve the patient experience and makes your staff’s job easier, but it also enables you to stay top-of-mind with your patients. Denticon improves your patients’ and team’s experience and, over time, helps you retain patients.

Denticon Features for DSOs and Group Practices

Of course, these are just a few of the many robust features within Denticon that help streamline the management of a DSO or group. To learn about these and other features like dental office texting, schedule a demo today!

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