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Most Powerful Denticon Features for Solo/Private Practices — Part 2: “Why Denticon?” Series

By Planet DDS
January 8, 2021

Welcome to the first of a multi-part series where we answer the question: “Why Denticon?” If you’re in the market for a dental practice management solution, you may be wondering this same thing. In this informative series, we’ll be covering topics that many of our prospective clients like you have asked about Denticon, including product features, implementation, customer support, pricing, and our company values.

To start, we will be covering some of the most useful features and functionalities in Denticon for solo/private practices. If you own a solo/private practice, you’ve come to the right place.

  1. Cost Savings for Solo/Private Practices

Do you currently pay for subscriptions to communicate with your patients, or do you incur costs to maintain your local data storage? Although we’ll be covering Denticon pricing later in the series, the costs below give you a sense of how much you could be saving by canceling third-party subscriptions and moving to the cloud.

Third-Party Subscription Costs

Some examples of third-party subscription costs that can be eliminated if you switch to Denticon include:

  • Online booking platform: Can cost $999 for set-up fees and $250/month subscription fee
  • Patient communication platform: Can cost $329 for set-up fee and $299/month subscription fee
  • Analytics tool: Can cost $1000 for set-up fee and $500/month subscription fee

This means that if you own a practice that uses all three of these tools, you could be saving over $1,000 a month by using the all-in-one Denticon software. Another consideration for moving to a single solution is the inefficiency of having your staff toggle between multiple applications every day.

IT Related Costs

Other costs that can be significantly reduced or eliminated entirely with Denticon are:

  • Remote login costs: Can cost $250+/year for each user and an additional $500-$1000/server
  • Cloud back-up costs
  • Intrusion detection service
  • Software update costs
  • Cost of replacing a server can run $3,000-$40,000 for hardware, plus software licensing, installation, training, and ongoing monthly maintenance costs

On-site servers are not able to scale like a cloud system, so every three to five years when your office needs a hardware refresh, you’ll incur considerable costs to the tune of potentially tens of thousands of dollars. Or put another way, switching to Denticon can potentially put over $25,000 back into your pocket each year.

With Denticon, you can also cancel services or eliminate costs for backups and intrusion detection because Denticon provides backups for disaster recovery and security and intrusion detection are also included. 

There is, of course, the “cost” of not protecting your data. Estimates show that a data breach can cost a business up to $150 per record stolen. The healthcare industry remains the top target for cybercriminals and the average cost for stolen or lost records in the healthcare industry is even higher at $355 per record. The cost to recover from a data breach is so high that up to 60% of small businesses are forced to shut down within six months of a data breach. With HIPAA breaches and ransomware attacks on the rise, moving to a cloud system is a way to preemptively protect your practice.

Getting rid of an on-site server and moving to a cloud-based solution gives you predictable pricing, eliminates third-party subscription costs, and enhances your IT security, too.

Denticon is a true all-in-one solution, so you can cancel multiple subscriptions that not only cost extra but also costs your staff’s time. Everything is integrated within Denticon, so everything works seamlessly, including clinical, billing, patient communications, operations, and IT capabilities. Denticon’s service includes updates with no downtime. Instead of five vendors, you have just one.

  1. Ease of Use

A recent Salesforce survey revealed that 60% of small business owners expressed difficulty implementing and rolling out new technology. Thus, ease of use was reported as the top factor they considered when evaluating which solution was right for their business.

One of the most powerful aspects of converting to Denticon for solo/private practices is the ease of use. Denticon allows smaller teams to achieve more through intuitive user interfacing and easy reporting.

Denticon dashboards put all the information your staff needs at their fingertips. Instead of opening multiple applications and running numerous reports, your team can access patient charts, patient communications, billing, operations, and run smart reports, all within Denticon.

Not All Reports are Created Equal

If you’re using our competitors’ reporting systems, your staff might have to pull three separate reports every morning instead of one with Denticon. Our Denticon dashboards are easy to understand graphic representations of the health of your practice so you can make intelligent, data-driven decisions.

Denticon’s robust reports not only help make day-to-day reporting easier, they also help you find new production opportunities or uncover missed production opportunities. Making sense of data helps you make better decisions that translate to higher revenues.

Because Denticon is a cloud solution, all reports are easily viewable anytime and anyplace. You can even have key reports sent directly to your inbox with the frequency and file format of your choice. Every office should have automated tasks that help save time and reduce overhead.

We understand that recent times have challenged businesses and individuals in unprecedented ways. With Denticon, you can reduce day-to-day repetitive tasks for your staff so they can move on to higher value, patient-centered tasks. In turn, you can increase workplace satisfaction and reduce employee burnout.

  1. Patient-Facing Features

Recent studies show that the vast majority of customers (in your case, patients) report that their experience is as important as a company’s products or services. So, improving your patients’ experience is an investment you make in building patient loyalty.

Your patients and your staff both benefit from Denticon’s patient-facing features. As your patients navigate “new normals,” there’s an increased demand for a better and safer patient experience. At the same time, you want to communicate and stay engaged with patients in a thoughtful and timely manner.

Going Paperless

For patients and staff, being able to have registration and consent forms completed online means less time spent in your office and eliminates the handling of paper forms and pens. To reduce wait times, Denticon lets you easily send 2-way texts and reminders. You can also stay top-of-mind with patients by managing and sending email campaigns or mass texts to your patients.

Improving the Patient Experience

Besides communication tools, Denticon also integrates with your website to let your patients schedule appointments or make payments online. Allowing patients to manage their appointments and make payments online also reduces the number of calls that come into your office.

Patients are more and more expecting to be able to complete forms, schedule appointments and make payments online. Offering online scheduling that you can customize helps your office stay ahead of the curve. Letting them communicate with your office via email and text is another way to improve their experience through technology.

Our goal for solo/private practices using patient-facing features in Denticon is to improve your patients’ and team’s experience in the short term, and in the long term, help your office communicate effectively to build long-lasting relationships with your patients.

Doing More With Denticon

Of course, these are just a few benefits of using Denticon for your solo/private practice. Denticon is a cost-effective solution that lets your solo/private practice stay competitive by harnessing the same technologies that are used by the country’s top DSOs. We encourage you to chat with your team to uncover what areas of your practice can benefit from using an all-in-one practice management solution. Contact us for a demo to find out how Denticon can help transform your practice.


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