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Denticon Pricing for DSOs — Part 3: “Why Denticon?” Series

By Planet DDS
February 3, 2021

Welcome to part 3 of the “Why Denticon” series. In this series, we will cover the most frequently asked questions that we receive from prospective clients. In part 2, we discussed the features and functionality that DSOs find most useful in Denticon. In this article, we’ll be talking about Denticon pricing for your DSO and what that pricing includes. When managing multiple locations and large teams, we understand that pricing is a major consideration for you to get the maximum value from your practice management solution.

We hope this article provides transparency about the value that Denticon can bring to your practice, by sharing what costs you can save or even eliminate with Denticon’s all-in-one solution. We will also cover the factors unique to your DSO that can affect pricing. Please be advised that this article is a general resource and, as such, factors such as additional users and claims, extra features, and applicable discounts can affect these prices. To receive a custom quote for your DSO, please contact our sales team, and we would be delighted to assist you.

What Does a Denticon Subscription Include?

What Costs Can Your DSO Save With Denticon?

To learn more about the most powerful Denticon features for DSOs, read our recent blog.

Denticon Pricing

If you need data, document, or imaging conversions, we have in-house experts who have experience converting from every practice management solution. Our expert implementation and training team will guide your office through the entire process to ensure a smooth transition.

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Please note that this pricing guide is meant to be used as a general resource. Pricing is subject to change based on the needs of your DSO and subscription level. To obtain a custom quote for your DSO, contact us today!*

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