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Denticon Implementation: Reaping the Benefits of Denticon From Day 1 — Part 4: “Why Denticon” Series

By Planet DDS
February 26, 2021

Welcome back to part three of the “Why Denticon” series. If you are a solo practice or DSO in the market for a new practice management software solution, read on to learn about our proven implementation process.

Overview of the Implementation Process

So, your practice has decided to join the Denticon cloud. That’s great! We’re so excited to have you on board!

At this point, you might be feeling excited about what Denticon can do for your practice, but also apprehensive about how the implementation process will go. You might also be wondering how quickly your staff can get comfortable with the new software.

Hannah Cohen, Vice President of Client Success at Planet DDS (1)Our goal is the same as yours: to implement Denticon as seamlessly as possible and effectively train your team so your practice can start reaping the benefits of Denticon from their first day. We live and breathe our partnership with our clients. This guidance, paired with our robust implementation process and comprehensive training program, ensures you and your staff can begin using Denticon with confidence and ease.

“Our client’s success is our success. With expert knowledge of our product and processes and an intimate understanding of our client’s goals, our team is uniquely qualified to deliver immediate and long-term value for our clients. Through every step in the process, we are deeply invested in our client’s success,” says Hannah Cohen, Vice President of Client Success at Planet DDS.

To do this, we’ve broken down our implementation process into four steps.

1. Kick-Off Call: It’s Nice to Meet You!

Let’s get started! We are so excited to meet you and get to know your practice. During our kick-off call, we will make introductions, go over the implementation process and timeline, and take time to answer any of your questions.

2. Conversion: Moving to Denticon

Did you know that we successfully complete conversions for hundreds of practice management, scanned document, and imaging conversions each month? We understand that the conversion process can seem intimidating, but you’re in good hands with our dedicated team of implementation experts.

Our expert implementation team has experience converting from almost 70 different versions of practice management systems. And we have successfully completed almost 6,000 conversions! So, the chances are good that we’ve had plenty of experience converting from your current system.

Our robust practice management solution conversion workflow includes retrieving a copy of your legacy practice management software data to run a trial conversion through the Denticon system. Our trial conversion achieves two important goals: 1) it allows your practice to audit the data in Denticon to ensure your team is comfortable and confident in the conversion, and 2) the trial conversion will populate your new Denticon account with familiar, existing data which can then be used to conduct staff training. We will work closely with your team through this process.

Following the trial conversion audit, we will retrieve a final copy of your legacy data and upload it into Denticon for the final conversion immediately before your office goes live.

We also have robust conversion processes for imaging and scanned document conversions. As with our practice management conversions, our team has successfully converted thousands of practices just like yours.

3. Trainings: Getting the Most Out of Denticon

While we work with you on the conversion process, we will begin holding training sessions for your team.

Your office will receive hours of dedicated training to set up Denticon to best fit your practice. We will also train your staff to ensure that they are confident using Denticon holistically for clinical, clerical, and administrative aspects of your business. We also offer tailored on-site support for key decision-makers and core team members as needed.

The Denticon software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. With our training programs, your staff will quickly learn the best practices for using Denticon. You and your staff will be enjoying the automations and dashboards in Denticon in no time.

4. Live-Date: Congratulations! 

Congratulations! Your office is ready to use Denticon! From this date forward, all new office activity will be conducted within the Denticon system. Our team will be on hand to ensure a smooth live-date. We also can offer both on-site training and live-date support.

Going live is only the first step in your lifetime as our valued business partner. Following your live-date, we will stay in close contact with your office to answer any questions or address any concerns. Our account manager will schedule a post-live check-up. This call will establish your relationship with your account manager, who will be your advocate and partner throughout your lifetime with Denticon. During your post-live check-up, your account manager will address any remaining questions and ensure that your office is using Denticon to the fullest extent of its capabilities.

Lifetime Support

As a Denticon client, you will receive lifetime support for Denticon. For our new Denticon users, we hold office hours twice a month, which consists of 30-45 minutes of instruction followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. During office hours, we will cover topics that help attendees become Denticon experts quickly. We cover reporting, online registration, fee schedules, and auditing statements.

Also, we host monthly support webinars for our clients and cover useful topics such as patient flow, progress notes macros, setting up provider schedules, and contactless payments. If you aren’t able to attend, all office hours and support webinars are also available on-demand.

Best-in-Class Customer Care

As a Denticon client, your office also receives unlimited help desk support. We pride ourselves on providing best-in-class customer care for our clients. In fact, we resolve 99.9% of tickets within one business day while always maintaining a positive customer satisfaction score is over 97% out of thousands of tickets.

Always Enjoy the Newest Version of Denticon

Upgrades are always on us. Because Denticon is a cloud solution, you never have to worry about paying for upgrades and enhancements. As we continue to improve Denticon, your practice receives the benefit of our newest releases as they are rolled out.

Be Part of Our Software Development Process

We love hearing from our clients. So much so that we have a feature request tool built into Denticon. Through this tool, our users can suggest and vote on what new features our developers should add to Denticon next. We believe that our software development process is a collaborative one that involves our clients, and often, our best enhancements have come from feedback from our clients.

We look forward to your input to make Denticon even better!

Let us help you reach your practice goals. For more information about Denticon, contact us today.

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