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3 Ways to Know When It’s Time to Get Cloud-Enabled Imaging Software

By Planet DDS
October 22, 2021

It’s been a long year and a half of unknowns. Your dental practice is probably starting to get back into a good rhythm and routine. It’s humming along, and things are running reasonably smoothly. So, that means there’s no need to change anything, right? As it turns out, the answer is not so clear cut. When it comes to adopting new technology or the lack thereof, there is a certain tipping point when lack of adoption starts to affect your practice’s productivity and bottom line. Let’s talk about three factors you should consider when deciding when the right time is to get cloud-enabled imaging software for your dental practice. 

The Case for Change 

Introducing new technology into your dental practice can be transformational, especially when it’s one that gets used frequently. The right technology can boost productivity for your team, help provide better patient care, and increase revenue. Studies show that even though most managers believe that achieving digital transformation is critical to their organizations, adoption can still be slow. The slow adoption of technology happens for two primary reasons: 1) lack of urgency and 2) lack of communication about the benefits of new technology. So, it’s vital to understand when the time is right to adopt new technology and then find out what benefits your practice can gain from the new technology. 

The Problem with the Old Way 

While there’s nothing wrong with continuing to use technology that still serves your practice’s needs, it’s vital to stay up to date on what new technology can bring to the table. While older technology might feel familiar and comfortable, you don’t want it to impede the growth of your practice.  

For example, it used to be that file sizes for X-rays and scans were smaller and more manageable. Server-based systems were also more popular in a time before DSO and group practice consolidation was on the rise. And the idea of collaborating with colleagues or specialists via the web was not yet a common practice. So, server-based imaging software was an excellent solution for managing images in dental practices. Before the pandemic, the concept of “remote working” was also not as ubiquitous, the way it is today. So, server-based imaging software was an excellent solution for managing images in a dental practice. 

Today, file sizes for 2D and 3D images are rapidly growing, and to keep up, so too are server sizes. In an era of ever-increasing data, in-house server-based systems are unable to scale. More and more practices are consolidating, and providers see the great benefits of real-time collaboration and remote work. So, the question becomes, does the old way still serve changing needs for your practice? Let’s take a look at three factors to consider when assessing: is it time to get cloud-enabled imaging software for your dental practice? 

3 Ways to Tell When It’s Time to Get Cloud-Enabled Imaging Software 

  1. The Need for More Data Storage 

One indicator to watch when considering the switch to cloud-enabled imaging software is how fast your practice will outgrow its server-based system. 

One of the main limitations of servers is that it has a finite amount of data storage and added IT management costs. For a dental practice, that means, as your practice’s imaging and patient data grows, you’ll inevitably outgrow the server. You could opt to buy larger and larger capacity servers to meet your needs, or you could go with a solution that has no limitations for data storage. 

Opting for cloud-enabled imaging software means you’ll enjoy unlimited data storage and reduced costs, so no matter how much imaging data you have, your practice will never outgrow it. 

  1. The Need for Cloud-Enabled Access and Collaboration 

Another reason a server-based system might be holding your practice back is the need for easier access to your images. Modern dental practices need quick ways to access and share images for increased productivity and collaboration. 

Whether you’re a single location private practice or a group practice, a server-based system can create bottlenecks that limit accessibility and collaboration. Instead of cumbersome workarounds, why not consider a cloud-enabled solution designed for easy access and secure sharing? 

In the pandemic era, the benefits of remote working were highlighted by allowing teams to safely work from home, allowing for after-hours access to data, and the ability to collaborate when in-person meetings were impractical. Even after the pandemic is over, it’s unlikely that these trends will go away. In fact, dental practices that utilize cloud-enabled access are finding that the increased collaboration and access have allowed their practices to thrive, even during the pandemic. 

  1. The Need for Compatibility  

If you’re using server-based imaging software, chances are, it isn’t compatible with a wide range of devices or practice management solutions. By design, it’s made to only work with proprietary products, so you’ll need to continue buying their products if you want everything to work correctly. 

This becomes a problem in several different scenarios: if you ever need to switch imaging devices or practice management solutions, or if you ever expand locations or acquire a practice. 

Software that is open-architecture like Apteryx Imaging XVWeb means it works with all major imaging devices and practice management solutions. Unfortunately, open-architecture is the exception and not the rule when it comes to dental imaging software. Very few server-based and even cloud-based imaging solutions offer open-architecture software. 

Universal compatibility sets you up for the future in ways that other cloud-based solutions cannot. You’ll have easier transitions when adding new devices to your practice, switch practice management solutions, or if your practice acquires or expands locations or gets acquired. Read on to learn about our open-architecture, cloud-accessible imaging software 

Imaging Software that Empowers Practice Growth 

Now that you’re equipped with the top three factors to consider when deciding whether to move to cloud-enabled imaging software, learn about our imaging solution! Learn about cloud-enabled Apteryx Imaging XVWeb by signing up for a free, no-obligation demo today! Because of its cloud capabilities, you’ll enjoy unlimited data storage, collaborate with ease, access images anytime, and it’s compatible with all major devices and practice management solutions.