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Top 5 Benefits of XVWeb – Part 2: Why Apteryx XVWeb Series

By Planet DDS
May 17, 2021

Welcome to our series on “Why Apteryx XVWeb”! Find out why our clients chose XVWeb instead of server-based imaging software or even other cloud software companies. If you’re in the market for dental imaging software, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Are These Benefits Important for Your Practice? 

You might say to yourself:

“Well, it’s not so bad if we only have to update our servers once every few years,”

“It’s fine if our imaging software isn’t universally compatible with different imaging hardware or practice management solutions,” or

“Cloud software does seem like the future, but if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

In other words, you “punt.” You defer making a decision about your imaging software to a later time. What’s the urgency, you might wonder? Before we get into why XVWeb is the leading cloud-based imaging software, let’s talk about how having the right software now can boost your practice sooner.

Top 5 Benefits of XVWeb 

Let’s talk about how having the right imaging software can set your practice on the path to a virtuous cycle.

1. Compatibility Comes Standard

One of the top reasons our clients select XVWeb for their imaging software is the flexibility it gives them to choose any major imaging hardware or practice management solution. Open-architecture is a software development philosophy that we embrace. We emphasize interoperability and integration with a wide variety of technologies and systems.

By contrast, many of our competitors have closed-architecture software, locking you into software that only works with their proprietary products.

By opting for our open-architecture software, you’re ensuring that your practice can integrate with all major practice management solutions and imaging hardware. Whether your practice acquires a new practice with disparate imaging systems or you decide to switch practice management solutions, XVWeb will allow for smooth transitions and work well with any technology you choose.

2. Freedom from Servers

It’s a fact. Servers are designed to become obsolete. And they aren’t cheap either. Recurring expenses can significantly impact your bottom line, especially if they’re big ones. Servers are designed with a limited useful life, so they become obsolete approximately every three years.

The replacement cost can be upwards of $5,000 each, as one of our clients realized before choosing to switch to XVWeb. Of course, you may still decide to keep a server for your data or as a backup for your dental images. But since imaging data tends to be the bulk of the data that dental practices store, keeping those images stored in the cloud significantly reduces costs by allowing you to purchase and maintain smaller size servers and cut your IT costs.

3. Accessible and Built to Scale

In terms of secure accessibility, you can’t beat the “anywhere, anytime, any device” access that cloud-based software can provide. Whether it’s accessing patient records from home on a weekend when a patient calls you with an emergency or if you need to quickly check-in during a vacation, all you need is a web-enabled device to access images. XVWeb lets you get back to your day quickly. For DSOs and groups, you can easily share large image files in real-time while staying HIPAA compliant.

Similarly, on-premise imaging software can’t always keep up with your increasing data needs. The beauty of a cloud-solution is with unlimited file storage capacity; you’ll never outgrow it no matter how fast your practice grows. And unlike servers, it won’t run slower as you add more data.

4. 3D Capabilities 

If your practice offers dental implant treatment or other types of oral surgery, you probably use 3D scans like cone-beam computed tomography (“CBCT”). To get the most out of your scans, you’ll want software that provides a full suite of image enhancement, manipulation, annotation, and implant planning tools. This is another benefit that XVWeb offers for practices that have 3D imaging needs.

5. Unparalleled Data Security

With cyberattacks against healthcare organizations on the rise, keeping patient data secure isn’t just about protecting your practice’s reputation; it’s a legal requirement under HIPAA, too.

A trusted cloud provider will use the most secure data centers with multiple layers of protection. To prevent attacks, they’ll have in place: physical perimeter protection, continuous software updates against the latest virus, malware, and ransomware attacks, disaster recovery, data backups, and redundancies. These protections far exceed a firewall and antivirus package that a dental practice can install. With a cloud provider, your patient’s data is more protected and so is your practice.

Invest in Technology for the Future, Not the Past

In every industry, there will be legacy products that ultimately become obsolete. They are inevitably replaced with newer, better products. In dental imaging, cloud software will continue to outperform on-premise solutions with more cost-savings, advanced capabilities, faster feature releases, and scalability. In fact, in most other industries, 90% of organizations use the cloud versus a mere 10-15% of dental practices that utilize cloud solutions.

Why not stay ahead of the curve and give your practice the advantage of using the newest and best cloud technology, XVWeb.

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