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Choose from a wide range of Apteryx imaging solutions by Planet DDS – ideal for DSOs, solo practices, and mobile dentists.

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Imaging Buyer’s Guide

In the market for dental imaging software? Find out the top 10 questions you should ask to make an informed decision.

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Start to finish support

You’re in good hands with our in-house implementation experts.

Database conversion

Our tried-and-true conversion process is designed for minimal impact to your practice.

 In-house conversion experts

At every step, our team will work with your office to ensure you’re happy with the results.

On-going support

Throughout the implementation process and beyond live-date, our team is here to help ensure the smoothest process possible.

Cloud-based dental imaging solutions for maximum efficiency

XVWeb Dental Imaging Software

Apteryx XVWeb® by Planet DDS is the leading cloud-based dental imaging software for 24/7 access to your data, enhanced security, and offsite back-up, all for one monthly subscription.

Easy to access

HIPAA compliant, 24/7 web access to your imaging database via computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Open-architecture works with most major imaging hardware and practice management solutions.


Operates as a secure referral portal for imaging.

Robust functionality

Custom clinical filters and image enhancement tools improve diagnostic accuracy.


Gives you the ability to scale down IT infrastructure and server costs.


Allows for centralized image storage and easy third-party viewing and image referral.


Enables custom integrations and bridging to and from the web service through available API functions.


Easily configured as an add-on to an existing imaging solution providing access to patient image records anywhere at any time.

XVWeb 3D Dental Imaging Software

In addition to the features included in XVWeb, XVWeb 3D allows you to store, access, and plan treatments with your CBCT data from any compatible web-enabled device.

Advanced toolset

Volume rendering, zoom, measurements, annotations, curved slice/pano reconstruction, implant planning, and nerve canal tracing.

Extensive implant library

Easy access to an extensive implant library with options to sort and set favorites.

Effects presets

Define effects presets based on different hardware manufacturers and image types.

In-cloud treatment planning

No downloading of CBCT files for treatment planning – all functions are performed via the cloud.


Get answers to the most common questions about Apteryx Dental Imaging.

  • Working with your office, we will first gather pertinent information, and then complete the initial database conversion. Your office may review and approve the converted data. We will install imaging software with hardware extensions and conduct remote training for users. Approximately two weeks after the initial database conversion will be the final database conversion. If necessary, we will complete a data mapping process. Finally, on the go-live date your office will be ready to go!

  • From our implementation team, you will work with an Imaging Implementation Coordinator. From your practice, we request to work with an IT contact and/or a main clinical contact. We will go over a timeline and responsibility for each role to ensure a smooth implementation process.

  • Apteryx is able to convert all 2D imaging databases and most 3D imaging databases. Your designated Implementation Coordinator can confirm and schedule an appointment with a Conversion Technician.

  • Depending on how many locations you have and what system you’re converting from, your practice can go live in 2-3 weeks. Conversion takes approximately 1-3 weeks for smaller practices and 4-6 weeks for larger DSO and group practices. However, please note that the initial/test conversion process happens behind the scenes and does not affect your practice. Your office will be able to use XVWeb/XVCapture to capture all new images once we start the final database conversion and your office has gone live.

  • Our goal is to help all users have a clear understanding of XVWeb/XVCapture and sensor operation and image quality. We offer interactive web-based training for your staff members. We request that dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and any other individuals who will be taking images to attend our training for best results.

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