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Why Denticon is Superior to a Paper-Based System

By Planet DDS
March 1, 2021

Something is considered “superior” when it achieves a certain status. As relates to how you store, manage, and access your dental practice data a cloud-based system is superior to paper-based systems.

Before we talk about a specific (and superior) cloud-based solution let’s review some cloud advantages.

Ahead of the curve

The migration to digital operations is more than underway. It’s become the norm to streamline operational systems away from paper – dental operations included.

  • Electronic forms and EHRs (Electronic Health Records)
  • Secure, online patient portals
  • Touchless protocols including billing, form delivery, and more

Beyond those practical operational benefits, paperless dentistry is improving patient satisfaction.

The digital, cloud-based environment adds a new dimension to patient-facing engagement.


Patients appreciate the option to access and interact with their care providers without paper. Sure, some are still slow to completely ditch hard-copy forms or other perceived important paperwork. But they are the exception these days.

”Only 13% of people prefer using physical forms.”

Personal ownership

A cloud-based platform provides an easy to access patient portal. These days patients like feeling in-control of their healthcare and provider relationships.

Accessibility includes:

  • Comprehensive patient data and related records
  • Treatment history
  • X-rays, digital images, and diagnostic data
  • Secure billing and payment processing

The digital, cloud-based environment adds a new dimension to dental practice management.

Convenient, easy access to patient data certainly applies to practice management workflows. Beyond those systemic benefits you an expect a sustainable investment and high cost savings.

An eco-friendly, sustainable investment

Going green is certainly a choice. But it’s a choice that keeps pace with those who prefer to preserve the environment.

A Nielsen study indicated that 73% of Millennials will pay more for environmentally conscious services. That realization can help your practice acquire and retain patients from this substantially large demographic.

Cloud-based solutions make a digital not a biological impression on our planet. That in contrast to the million plus ink-cartridges that are discarded daily.

A cost-saving investment

Consider the immediate financial gain your practice can make by going digital via the cloud. Paper supplies, film, printing supplies, printer maintenance, charts, etc can total thousands of dollars annually.

Those savings go into your profitability or could be reinvested in cloud system upgrades.

About that superior cloud-based system

We’re not shy about saying that our Denticon cloud-based system makes the transition from paper easy and seamless. There are biases for sure but we prefer to let our experience in the cloud environment speak for us.

Experience matters

Denticon was built from the ground up. It has a long track-record on the digital landscape for multi-location group practices, solo practices, and DSOs.

We get it. Being tethered to paper, charts, and other tangible assets feels secure.

Even so, we’ve made the transition from paper to cloud more intuitive. You’re perhaps already using some form of digital technology to manage your dental practice(s).

Dental practice management software housed on traditional, server-based system is the standard starting point. Our cloud-based system takes that up a notch (or ten) and provides more.

  • Plus the anytime, anywhere secure access your workflows often demand
  • Minus the constant manual upgrades, calls to tech-support, and routine maintenance required by a traditional, server based system

Efficiency matters

The easier the learning curve the faster you can implement. A cloud-based system has an implementation period. But you’ll likely find that it will require less time than ramping up an on-site network server.

Software updates happen with a cloud-based system – with a difference. Automation is built-in to Denticon along with the fees for upgrading.

A cloud-based system like Denticon is equipped to grow as your practice, group, or DSO grows. The system is scalable to allow for the capacity your growth requires.

A cloud-based system has data encryption allowing you to securely access and collaborate from anywhere at anytime.

Effectiveness matters

Dental practice operations are complex. A paper-based system is ever at risk for lost or misplaced information between team members or between your practice and patients.

Here’s how a cloud-based solution like Denticon is effectively different:

Count on operational effectiveness

  • Documents are easily accessed, transferred, and securely stored
  • Task centralization keeps your team(s) focused on patient care and engagement
  • Insurance plans and fee schedules can be easily shared in-house or across your organization
  • Train your team in workflow set-ups or rely on Denticon practices services agents to do the heavy-lifting

Rely on reporting effectiveness

  • Real-time reporting provides insights for performance improvements practice to practice or organization wide
  • Monitor key revenue streams and track metrics for future opportunities
  • Stop spreadsheet time drains with viewable data in one place
  • All the tools and data you need in one place

Deliver clinical effectiveness

  • Easy, seamless patient referrals internally or to specialists
  • Customize workflows for easier data entry
  • Use a standardized process to Input clinical data across your organization or by specific office/region
  • Secure, anytime-anywhere access and viewing of patient records and images
  • Eliminate software toggling when performing specialty treatment or services
  • Comprehensive patient record access is available regardless of where it was provided

Experience IT effectiveness

  • Less costs than you’ll have with on-site servers or outdated hardware
  • A library of administrative rights and permissions allow you to centralize management of user profiles
  • No local data storage provides enhanced security and reduces the risk of a HIPAA breach
  • Avoid PM software patches and endless updates
  • Easy remote logins

Denticon makes the switch from paper to cloud simple. We can implement your transition like we have for thousands of practices.

  • In-house implementation team
  • Step-by-step transition roadmap
  • Smooth process with minimal practice disruption from initial account set-up to going live
  • Experience with a variety of software system conversions
  • Initial training and on-site presence the day you go live

Planet DDS’s Denticon confirms that cloud-based Dental Practice Management Software exceeds paper-based systems. It’s been proven in today’s market among solo private practices, private group practices, and top DSOs as a leading paperless dental practice solution.

Contact us for more information about how Denticon can streamline your systems and operational tasks.