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The High-Performance Reporting Module of Your Dental Practice Management Software

By Planet DDS
September 14, 2020

What good is a map if you don’t know where you want to go? The same could be said about the reporting module of your dental practice management software.

Like a map, consistent reporting and tracking KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can give you clear direction about where your dental practice is relative to where you want to be.

But not all reports or KPI data is easily sorted or gathered. It comes down to your dental practice management platform’s capabilities.

Pull essential data without being pushed to your limits

Pulling reports should be a simple process. Yet the more your dental organization grows the more complex mining your data will become.

Traditional desk top systems can require duplicated effort – especially if you have more than one practice.

  • Reports must be pulled from each dental office data base
  • Combined reports obtained from different software systems usually require sorting before they’re delivered as one report

Time consumption and tedious data gathering can push your team to their limits…all while navigating daily patient care.

It becomes easier to let the KPIs and other performance metrics go unnoticed. Doing so can keep your practice(s) from reaching new levels of production, improving care standards, and more.

The data is there… and it’s yours to use

Some data is useful. Other information might not be worth mining or analyzing.

The measure of good dental practice management software is its ability to help you make that decision. Your choice is maximized when you’re able to focus on the data that’s actually driving your performance.

Those key performers could be individual employee related information. Or it could be a scheduled report that pulls data during certain periods to help you track other practice metrics.

Data overload can occur. That said, it’s essential that you mine and analyze the information that produces the most actionable perspective on your overall practice metrics.

Strategy flows where your data goes

The KPIs you monitor can help provide strategic direction to your dental practice or organization. Those indicators are vital for knowing where to direct your energy and resources.

KPIs that are common to monitor can include:

  • Hygiene pre-appointment rates
  • Case acceptance rates
  • Appointment rates such as no-shows and cancellations
  • New patient rates

Monitoring these and more can provide you a more accurate picture of where you could direct new or improved performance strategies.

Less guess work…more value

The dental practice landscape is changing. Some of those changes (as with the COVID-19 pandemic) cannot be anticipated. Others, like the rise of DSOs, can create the need for more robust practice management tools.

Disorganization or misaligned data analysis can have a long-term impact on your solo dental practice, group dental practice, or DSO and each organization’s financial viability. Accurate data can force you to ask the hard questions sooner rather than later – so you can pivot your performance.

  • Ask yourself if your current dental practice management software is presenting a clear picture of your practice, group, or DSOs’ performance
  • Evaluate your current PM platform’s reporting capabilities that enable you to assess your performance
  • Calculate the cost factors associated with the time and energy investment of having to cobble together essential metrics that help you/your team improve performance

It could be time for a higher performance test-drive

The reporting capabilities of your software platform helps maximize your time so you can focus on the metrics that lead to higher performing patient care and an increase in production.

That’s more reason to un-tether yourself from a traditional, server-based system.

Consider a cloud-based solution and improve your reporting processes and KPI measurement

You might find the cloud solution like Denticon to be a more efficient report gathering platform to monitor and drive your overall dental practice or dental organization’s performance.

Aside from its under-the-hood reporting horsepower, the Denticon platform also provides:

  • A predictable, monthly subscription rate
  • Data hosted in the cloud that’s remotely and securely accessible
  • Savings that compared with a “legacy” system can total an average of 40%

It makes sense to look below the surface and see the massive potential of upgrading to a cloud-based dental practice management solution with a more advanced reporting and KPI module.

Thinking about or ready to update your dental practice management software? Contact us or request a demo of the Denticon platform…before you decide!