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Frequently asked questions

  • We’re problem solvers for dental practices. No matter what your goals for your practice, Planet DDS is committed to getting you there faster. Our company was founded in 2003 with the idea of bringing a cloud-based practice management solution to the dental industry. Since 2003, we have not stopped finding new innovations to help dental practices achieve their goals.

  • Our mission is to radically improve the efficiency and economics of dentistry through our innovative technologies. We value integrity, compassion, communication, and innovation.

  • Yes! We’re so glad you asked. We’re committed to helping our clients reach their goals faster. Within Denticon, users can suggest and vote on the desired features that would help their practice. From this feedback process, our developers get to work releasing the new enhancements. We’re proud to say that some of our best enhancements have come through this collaboration with Denticon users.

  • We offer a lineup of dental solutions designed to accelerate your practice including Denticon practice management solution, Apteryx XVWeb, and Denticon Practice Services.

  • Our all-in-one solution includes Denticon practice management software, integrated imaging, and up to 300 claims/9 users, all starting from $349 per month. If your office needs additional options such as patient communication tools, analytics, or additional users, claims, and locations, please contact our sales team for a custom quote.

  • Our all-in-one solution includes Denticon practice management software, enterprise level reporting, analytics, and up to 300 claims/9 users, all starting from $449 per month. If your DSO needs additional options such as patient communication tools or additional users, claims, and locations, please contact our sales team for a custom quote.

  • We use state-of-the-art hardware and software firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) along with continuous Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) to monitor and protect your data. Our systems are updated and patched regularly to promptly resolve any potential vulnerabilities. We also continuously replicate data to our disaster recovery site and perform weekly backups throughout the day and night.

  • Most HIPAA breaches occur when physical media is stolen. It could be a thumb drive, a hard drive, or even an entire workstation with desktop practice management software installed. Physical media is particularly vulnerable to theft and damage. At Planet DDS, we take securing your data very seriously. Planet DDS is compliant with all standards included in the HIPAA Security Rule, HIPAA Privacy Rule standards, and the HITECH Act that applies to Business Associates. We regularly undergo assessments with third-party experts to ensure our continued compliance.

  • Patient information stored in the cloud is actually safer than data stored on traditional client server desktops. In fact, of the 10 biggest HIPAA breaches recorded in U.S. history, 9 of them were tied to the theft of physical media—hard drives, backup tapes, flash drives, USB drives, laptops, even entire desktop computers.Patient records in Denticon are stored on secure servers and can only be accessed through our encrypted web application via your web browser. We use the latest encryption technology comparable to what is used by banks and credit card companies, and our servers are stored in state-of-the-art facilities with 24/7 access control that includes physical screening by uniformed guards, continuous video monitoring, and biometric identification controls for server room access. With a cloud solution like Denticon, you don’t have to worry about costly security audits for HIPAA compliance.

  • Legacy desktop software requires a high upfront license cost, plus fees for extra support and maintenance, software updates, disaster recovery, security and intrusion detection, additional IT support, and any analytics or reporting add-ons. Also, any of your physical locations would need to purchase servers and other hardware to run the legacy software. Since servers become obsolete within 3-5 years, your office would regularly need to invest in new hardware to keep up. With a cloud solution like Denticon or Apteryx XVWeb, most of the costs listed above are eliminated, and related services are combined all in one place. These all-in-one cloud solutions can lower your IT burden and costs while boosting your practice's efficiency and security.

  • Because the cloud is just better, quite simply. Most of us turn to the cloud already for everything from personal email to banking to booking flights. With cloud-based software, you don’t need to install and manually update software on multiple hard drives to access your practice management tools. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser. Cloud-based software eliminates the many hassles associated with network maintenance, data backup, security, and a variety of other consuming tasks that are best left to a specialized software vendor. All of these important tasks are performed in the background—simply log in to access the latest and greatest version of your practice management software.

  • In addition to saving all server-related costs above, Apteryx XVWeb is compatible with every major imaging sensor device and practice management solution. For expanding DSOs acquiring existing practices, XVWeb will help you integrate practices faster with its flexible open-architecture design. With XVWeb, you can access your images at any time from any place. Seamlessly and securely share images across offices.