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Is it true that Planet DDS includes their clients in the product development process?

A: Yes! We’re so glad you asked. We’re committed to helping our clients reach their goals faster. Within Denticon, users can suggest and vote on the desired features that would help their practice.

We have a multitude of steps to ensure that what our clients have concerns with are answered correctly. On Denticon, users can add feedback or suggestions with their user experience, which is then sent to the Planet DDS team. Our product team reviews every feature suggestion or request and in many cases will reach back out to clients to get additional feedback or details. We’ve had had many of our clients submit their thoughts and opinions on the features we have, and we’re more than happy to make corrections to try to improve our clients’ user experience.

The product team then conducts an analysis on suggestions to select the suggestions most likely to help our userbase and works with engineering to get development started on new enhancements. We’ve had great success with some of the user feedback that we received over the years that are now live in Denticon.

One main improvement is that all reports can be run for all locations.  Previously we only had a small subset of reports that could be run for multiple locations, this means you had to log in to each location and run each report separately.  The other major improvement is additional filtering options on reports. For example, most reports can be run by a provider.  This leads to the third improvement which is adding my favorite reports which allow a user to save selected filtering criteria to a favorite report so they don’t have to reset the filters each time.

We also had an overall goal of reducing reports through consolidation.  Previously we had several versions of similar reports. With the additional filters, we were able to consolidate multiple versions into a single instance of that report.  An example would be multiple versions of the daily journal, which is also one of our most used reports in Denticon.

We pride ourselves on communication and establishing this channel between us and our clients have been extremely helpful to not just us, but for other Denticon users as well. We’re proud to say that some of our best enhancements have come through this collaboration with Denticon users and we can’t thank them enough!


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