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What are the dental solutions that Planet DDS offers?

A: We offer a lineup of dental solutions designed to accelerate your practice including Denticon practice management solution, Apteryx XVWeb, and Denticon Practice Services.

The traditional practice management systems rely on operating strictly in-house, and oftentimes, it’s difficult to scale, data is limited, and accessing the data is restricted to a single desktop. That’s why we wanted to create a solution that could help combat these limitations and allow for further growth as well as pursuing opportunities as they arise. 

With Denticon, you can easily streamline your operations so that everyone can see everything that is happening in a dental office. This way, all your data can be centralized and easily accessible anywhere and anytime. Since everything is all secure in the cloud, you can worry less about data breaches with our HIPAA compliant software. Because we aim to automate and eliminate redundancies, with our practice management solution, you can focus more on delivering the best patient experience and growing your organization.

Our imaging solution is just as top-notch as XVWeb, our cloud-based X-ray software, can be universally implemented with compatible dental software. Our imaging solution operates in a similar fashion to Denticon, where imaging records can be accessed anywhere in our unlimited data storage cloud. While using XVWeb, dental practices are able to save on IT expenses while also enhancing security, which is a win-win to us. XVWeb comes packed with advanced imaging tools to give better diagnoses and so dental practices can deliver a more catered course of action to their patients. Most importantly, the solution is open-architecture, so that any dental practice can use XVWeb’s features regardless of imaging hardware or practice management solutions. 

Combined, Planet DDS aims to provide dental practice management solutions that can help in a broad variety of ways so that all growth and the patient experience can be the main focus.

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