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Cloud-based enterprise software first appeared in the early 2000s, and we were there with Denticon at the very beginnings of this new software delivery model. Our software has powered dental organizations for over a decade, making Denticon the only proven enterprise cloud solution on the market. Yet many dental practices and even large groups are still stuck with outdated desktop practice management software that places an unnecessary burden on operations and finance teams. Making the switch to Denticon’s 21st Century cloud software allows you to streamline your reporting while saving time and money.


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Most dental organizations in the U.S. are unable to pull even simple reports from their practice management software to measure performance across multiple locations. For those on a patchwork quilt of legacy desktop systems, the challenge is twofold: pulling reports from individual offices and then somehow combining those reports when the outputs aren’t the same because they originated in different software systems. It’s a time-consuming, tedious process that leaves many in the dark about their practice performance. With Denticon, you can choose from an extensive library of reports that organize your information by office at a glance. And you can generate those reports anywhere, anytime from an internet-connected device.

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Draw on the best insights

Our advanced reporting tool, Dentilytics Enterprise, is the end result of decades of experience at the intersection of dental and technology. Designed in part by a veteran of one of the nation’s top five DSOs, Dentilytics Enterprise offers an extensive and ever-growing library of reports that will help you focus on the most important drivers of performance. Create dashboards for different employee profiles and schedule reports on an automated timeline to motivate and manage your team with hard, actionable intelligence. Best of all, you don’t have to use a separate reporting tool from a different vendor. Denticon is the total package.  

Become more valuable

Become more valuable

It’s no secret that the dental industry is consolidating rapidly, and that outside capital is fueling the rise of the multi-location practice model. For those looking to grow and eventually partner with a larger group or exit altogether, one of the surest paths to a lower valuation is to present disorganized, unclear financials. With Denticon’s advanced reporting capabilities, you can eliminate the guesswork and button up your financials before someone asks the hard questions. Migrating to Denticon’s mature cloud solution today will help make your organization more valuable tomorrow.

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Stop wasting money

If you’re trying to get a clear picture of practice performance with your current software, chances are you’re spending extra money you shouldn’t have to spend. Perhaps you’re spending it on a separate reporting tool that sits on top of your practice management software. Or on the time it takes your team to cobble together excel reports at the end of the month when they could be focusing their efforts elsewhere. Denticon eliminates that cost, and gives you the reporting you need—anytime, anywhere, no matter how many offices you operate.

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