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How to Know When It’s Time for Your DSO to Invest in New Technology

By Planet DDS
February 10, 2021

“Not if but when!”

That phrase would apply to a dental technology investment. It also raises a more specific question – when should a DSO invest in new technology?

Decisions about technology are driven by practical need. They’re also a path to expanding your services.

For DSOs the decision also has much to do with integration. A technology choice must be able to adapt to an enterprise way of life.

  • Meet organizational care standards
  • Enhance performance across the entire organization
  • Align with security and HIPAA requirements across a broad range of practices

Get a better handle on complexity

A new technology investment comes with costs. There’s a financial piece and a human resource and energy piece.

As a DSO you’re already aware that the return on those investments provides solutions to the complexities you face. Any related solution would be worth it over the long haul.

Complexity isn’t going away. In fact, the more compliance and regulation issues that arise, the more essential technology-based solutions will be to your DSO.

Technology directly impacts those often complex challenges. Or it provides the time needed to manage the details along the way.

Take a handy tech-check to assure you’re on track

Again, some technology could be more on-trend than on-brand for your DSO. You have to make the call based on available capital, complexity needing to be solved, and/or team productivity.

Use this list to evaluate where you are now with your tech stack.

Hardware tech

  • Computers, smart devices, and tablets
  • Digital X-ray equipment
  • Cameras and image management platforms
  • Intraoral cameras and imaging tools
  • Network and server systems

Software tech

  • Charting software
  • Imaging software
  • Diagnostic and treatment planning software
  • Patient education software

Administration tech

  • Word processing and spreadsheet software
  • Email and SMS software
  • Data analysis and data backup software
  • Patient scheduling and records management software
  • Insurance claims, AR, and accounting software
  • Human resources management software

Keep in mind that hardware and software is required to be HIPAA compliant across all your practices. Security requirements must meet certain standards for protecting your DSO and individual patient data.

Is there a “cloud” on your horizon?

Being above average in technology means you understand that there’s more to “the cloud” than merely the Internet. Cloud technology covers broad territory.

For example, you might use a few cloud-based technologies to manage certain aspects of your DSO. Or you might be all-in and utilize it as the core platform across your entire enterprise.

Either way, it’s a definite win as far as technology investments are concerned.

Let’s focus on the all-in approach to cloud technology. Here’s how you know it’s a good investment.

  • A cloud-based dental platform provides secure, full-integration, and comprehensive practice management across your organization.
  • A cloud-based dental practice management platform allows your practices to continue using the individual applications they’re comfortable with using.
  • A cloud-based platform provides access to all patient records, scheduling capabilities and review, billing, and other useful practice data analytics.
  • A cloud-based solution is secure, HIPAA compliant, and stays updated with new regulations that are rolled out.

That’s just the beginning of what cloud-based technology can provide your DSO. Perhaps the best benefit is that your investment in it allows for growth as your DSO expands.

Data complexity might increase. But the technology keeps pace.

And frankly, that’s what you should expect from any technology that you’re considering.

A cloud-based solution could make your technology investment decision easier

You might find the cloud solution like Denticon to be a more efficient dental practice management platform to monitor and drive your DSOs’ performance.

The Denticon platform also provides:

  • A predictable, monthly subscription rate
  • Data hosted in the cloud that’s remotely and securely accessible
  • Savings that compared with a “legacy” system can total an average of 40%

It makes sense to explore the massive potential of upgrading to a cloud-based dental practice management solution that includes a more advanced reporting and KPI module.

Thinking about or ready to update your dental practice management software? Contact us or request a demo of the Denticon platform…before you decide!