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Cloud-based enterprise software first appeared in the early 2000s, and we were there with Denticon at the very beginnings of this new software delivery model. Our software has powered dental organizations for over a decade, making Denticon the only proven enterprise cloud solution on the market. Yet many dental practices and even large groups are still stuck with outdated desktop practice management software that places an unnecessary burden on clinical teams. Making the switch to Denticon’s 21st Century cloud software helps enable your clinicians so they can perform at their best.


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A single patient record

Denticon’s cloud-based software architecture allows for a single patient record. That may seem fairly straigthforward, but for organizations migrating from legacy desktop system(s), it’s an absolute game-changer. When patients travel between locations, there’s no more need for duplicate patient records. Denticon’s single patient record allows clinicians to view the patient’s entire history with their organization, regardless of whether they were the sole provider of treatment. A single patient record is useful for all types of practice profiles but particularly for organizations that offer specialty care in addition to general dentistry, as patients often travel between locations to see a specialist. Best of all, you can pull up the patient record on the go from anywhere you have an internet connection—you’re no longer chained to the office desktop.

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Reduce friction

Imagine a world in which your dental software reduces friction. With Denticon, that’s possible. Our advanced clinical module accelerates the input of clinical information chairside, where it’s already a challenge to focus on both the patient and the software at the same time. Denticon knows where you’re going before you get there, and prompts you with context-specific tools and menus so that you don’t have to fumble through the same menus over and over again every time you step into the operatory.

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Standardize outputs

Not only does Denticon help reduce friction in clinical settings, it also helps standardize outputs. Our software allows you to create advanced macros for everything from treatment plans to progress notes, complete with available drop-down menu functionality for pick lists of commonly used fields. All of which is fully customizable to the needs or your organization.

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Chart like a pro

Denticon’s charting modules were designed by dentists who were frustrated with their software. They wanted something easy to read but also comprehensive and information-rich. Denticon’s charting achieves the unique balance of all three, and comes with advanced features like voice-activated perio for annotating pocket depths and context-sensitive menus and toolbars. Denticon takes what you’re charting and offers you the appropriate options with tools that are tied directly to our best-in-class coding and insurance calculation engines. 

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