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We make seamless software transition possible.

Switching to new practice management software doesn’t have to be painful. Our implementation team helps you transition to the cloud with ease. And once you’re in the cloud, you’ll never look back.

Without Denticon

With Denticon

  • Multiple applications and vendors
  • Disconnected offices
  • Poor visibility and understanding of KPIs
  • Limited reporting
  • Inefficient clinical and administrative processes
  • Inconsistent security protocols
  • Inflated IT costs
  • Duplicate patient records across clinics
  • Limited access to patient records and imaging
  • Unable to scale
  • One all-in-one software solution
  • Standardized, connected
  • Financial and operational transparency
  • Sophisticated report analytics
  • Streamlined operations
  • Standardized, easy-to-monitor security
  • Reduced unnecessary server/hardware costs
  • Single, up-to-date patient dental record
  • Secure access to records and imaging from anywhere with internet
  • Positioned for agile growth

With our comprehensive implementation program, change is easier than you think.

Transitioning from a multitude of desktop-based software systems to one comprehensive cloud solution is no small feat. Timing and precision are everything. But our team of experts is here to help you every step of the way.

Implementation & setup

Our in-house implementation team will guide you from initial account setup to go-live and beyond. All implementation and setup takes place behind the scenes with zero interruption to your organization’s day-to-day. Your implementation timeline can vary depending on the size of your organization, existing software, and desired speed of transition, but on average you can expect:

  • Solo practice: 60 days
  • DSO: 8 weeks per location (multiple locations can transition simultaneously)

Data and image conversion

Converting and migrating your data from various tools is always a big job, but it’s never impossible. Our team has worked with nearly every practice management software system there is, so there’s not much that surprises us these days.


We offer Denticon training programs for every organization, regardless of size. Programs include super-user training for your internal administrators, thorough training resources, on-site support for launch day, and much more. Rest assured, we’ll make sure your team is up-to-speed before go-live.


We understand that transitioning software is a long-term investment. We’re dedicated to delivering the ongoing support you need to keep your software and operations working like a well-oiled machine. Our robust help portal includes:

  • Nearly 1,000 reference items with explanations of common tasks and answers to frequently asked questions
  • Detailed videos that explain how to navigate the software screen-by-screen
  • A glossary of dental industry terms
  • A troubleshooting tool to steer you in the right direction in our knowledge base

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We’ve migrated from 60+ technologies and counting.


Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about Denticon implementation.

  • Briefly, our implementation timeline includes the kickoff call > set up Denticon account > staff training > audit trial conversion (if applicable) > final conversion (if applicable) > go live > post live check in. We will go over a more detailed implementation process with your office and answer any of your questions.

  • From the Denticon Implementation team, you’ll work with our Director of Implementation and implementation coordinators. From your practice, we will ask you to assign: a lead project manager, an IT lead, a clinical lead, and a training lead. Multiple roles can belong to the same person. We will go over a timeline and responsibilities of each role with you to ensure a smooth implementation process.

  • Glad you asked! We have converted from over 60 systems, so chances are very good that we have had plenty of experience converting from your system. Please contact us to learn more! [email protected]

  • For most practices, the implementation process takes approximately 8 weeks from the kickoff call.

  • First, we obtain a copy of your legacy practice management software data and run a trial conversion through Denticon. Our trial conversion achieves two important goals: 1) it allows you to audit the data in Denticon to ensure that the converted data is consistent with your legacy system before proceeding with the final conversion and 2) it populates your new Denticon account with familiar data which can be useful for super user training and staff training. After the trial conversion audit is approved, we will proceed to obtain a final copy of your legacy data for the final upload into Denticon.

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Migrating from Dentrix and Eaglesoft.

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