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Streamline your operations with a single, powerful software.

Denticon is a proven, effective replacement for multiple vertical software solutions that lets you do more, with less.

Are you using too many tools?

We’ve onboarded thousands of industry-leading DSOs and private practices onto Denticon. Here are just a few examples of third-party tools and software Denticon has replaced.

Leverage the software trusted
by dental offices across the US and Canada.

Whether you’re a DSO with a robust operations team or a private practice with a front office team, Denticon helps you automate or streamline repetitive, manual tasks to improve your day-to-day operations.

Work anytime, anywhere

Denticon allows your team to work securely in the office or remote, wherever there’s an internet connection.

Eliminate redundancies

When your entire practice is on one software you eliminate redundancies like updating multiple patient records or fee schedules across your organization.

Drive more revenue

When software saves you time, you’re really saving money. With Denticon, you can uncover revenue opportunities and scale efficiently and profitably.

We'd been longtime Dentrix users prior to this—leaving that behind and switching to Denticon was by far one of the most significant beneficial changes we've ever made to our office operations. We would never even consider going back.

Dr. Douglas Doran
Owner, Rivereast Dental

Get features that support your
key practice operations.

Single patient record

Denticon’s cloud-based software architecture allows you to create a single patient and provider record across your organization, saving you time and reducing the risk of error.

835 auto-posting

Save your operations or administrative teams from manually searching through EOBs. Denticon enables auto-posting for payment information received in the 835 file.

Task manager

Speed up new-hire onboarding and keep your teams aligned on standardized processes with a customizable task manager.


Save time and effort by submitting insurance claims electronically with Denticon’s eClaim functionality, designed exclusively for dental practices.

Switch to a dental software that saves
you time, money, and effort.

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Also included in Denticon…

Modern Clinical

Easy-to-Use Scheduling

Online Patient


Native Patient




What people are saying…

Denticon provided the support and high-touch training we needed. They were there when we needed them, which was critical to a successful rollout and an immediate adaptation to the new software.

Fred Ward
CEO, Marquee Dental Partners

Selecting a best-of-breed practice management platform was critical to support our ongoing, multi-phase, IT services modernization initiative as we continue to scale. Denticon rose to the top when it came to required DSO feature-functionality. It also checked the boxes for me with a maturing architecture, integration possibilities, and overall performance.

Todd Boufford
Vice President of IT Services, Riccobene

I gained the ability to see all three offices at any given moment, and all clinical employees could do this too. For instance, I can see doctors' and hygienists' locations, schedules, how busy they are, and other factors like that quite easily by clicking the specific location.

Martha McCarty
RDH, Business and HR Manager of Cross, Lavinder, Quinn & Park Family Dentistry
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