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Cloud-based enterprise software first appeared in the early 2000s, and we were there with Denticon at the very beginnings of this new software delivery model. Our software has powered dental organizations for over a decade, making Denticon the only proven enterprise cloud solution on the market. Yet many dental practices and even large groups are still stuck with outdated desktop practice management software that places an unnecessary burden on operations teams. Making the switch to Denticon’s 21st Century cloud software allows you to streamline operations while saving time and money.


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A single patient and provider record

Denticon’s cloud-based software architecture allows for single patient and provider records. That may seem fairly straigthforward, but for organizations migrating from legacy desktop system(s), it’s an absolute game-changer. When patients or providers travel between locations, there’s no more need for duplicate records. Denticon’s “concept of one” allows operations teams to view a patient or provider’s activity across the entire organization, regardless of where that activity took place. Whether you’re looking to determine provider compensation for a particular month or pulling a patient’s record to view their history, Denticon gives you the power to do so with a single, comprehensive record that can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection.

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Centralize, centralize, centralize

The most successful dental organizations have already taken strides to centralize at least some of their activity, whether it be taking inbound patient calls or submitting insurance claims. But they often do so despite their software, not with it, because legacy desktop systems require them to build and maintain a parallel IT architecture to do something as simple as view records from an individual office. Denticon is different. It allows you to do everything you want your team to do from anywhere, anytime. Users with the appropriate security rights can toggle between offices within the same browser window without the use of cumbersome and expensive remote login tools. The implications for centralization and efficiency are nothing short of revolutionary.

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Stop leaving money on the table

The amount of upkeep required when each of your offices is stranded on a desktop software “data island” can be overwhelming. Everything from entering fee schedules to updating insurance plans takes that much longer when it needs to be repeated multiple times over. Not to mention the risk of data error entry. Denticon is different. It allows operations teams to update plans and fee schedules once, and share them across locations easily. So you can make sure you’re not leaving money on the table—and stop wasting time on tedious data entry.

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The only in-house business services team in the business

Planet DDS is the only software company in the dental industry with an in-house Virtual Business Services team that can perform such a wide array of administrative functions. And so while Denticon gives you the power to centralize these functions, it also gives you access to an expert team of agents who can do it for you. Everything from verifying insurance eligibility in full to entering fee schedules and insurance plans to submitting and following-up on claims. The benefit of doing this work in-house is that our agents can upload the information directly into your Denticon account instead of providing you with a file that you then have to process manually. Virtual Business Services can be deployed year-round or selectively, during peak periods such as end-of-year benefits season, eliminating the need to hire temporary staff to manage spikes in patient visits.

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