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Thrive in the Post-Pandemic Era with Remote Access to Your Dental Practice Data

By Planet DDS
September 17, 2021

Your capability to access data remotely is no longer an either/or decision in the ongoing post-pandemic dental practice environment. The question is, how can remote access help your practice refine processes like billing and back-office workflows? 

Why it’s more than either/or 

Flexibility says it all. But it’s about more than just a preference for working outside the office.  

First, COVID-19 forced the need to rethink how you provide care. Many practices relied on technology to help manage patient interaction and their overall practice 

Technology allowed or flexible work arrangements in several areas: accounts receivable, insurance filing, billing, and other departments began utilizing remote solutions.

Now, the somewhat necessary option has become a new norm. And many are prepared to move forward with a remote-friendly mindset and workflow. 

What is remote access? 

Think of it as a consistent, convenient, and secure connection to your office and essential data.  

  • Consistent: with have 24/7 access 
  • Convenient: accessible from anywhere  
  • Secure: accessing patient health information or other sensitive information is secure 

The tools will vary based on your preference or present in-house system. And the common ground is web connectivity and the ability to securely access your available data from a remote location. 

What to expect from remote access to your dental practice data 

Remote working has reimagined workflows for dental practices. However, the applications will vary depending on your technology choices, your team’s adaptability, and your willingness to explore new solutions for improving your back-office workflows. 

A more seamless business process 

It’s vital that your practice’s business-related tasks work in sync with your clinical production. The pandemic opened everyone’s eyes to the idea of productive work even outside the office. In fact, remote access allows your practice to scale some of those essential systems so business team members can enjoy improved workflows that come with greater flexibility.  

This requires thinking-outside-the-office “box.” Consider the business tasks that can be accomplished remotely without missing a beat. 

  • What billing, payroll, and financial procedures could you securely handle remotely? 
  • How does online scheduling better serve your patients while reducing team load? 
  • Is it time to upgrade your dental practice management solution so you can better scale your business tasks and patient experience? 

Tighter security around your dental practice data 

Security measures are imperative for any remote process you implement to protect your practice and your patient’s information from cyberattacks and to stay in compliance with HIPAA. You can implement additional security measures such as multi-factor or two-factor authentication for team members who are working remotely.  

Your patients expect that their data is secure. And there’s no reason to compromise that expectation when you allow remote access to their information. 

  • Confirm the security protocols before allowing remote access 
  • Credential all team members who have remote capabilities (e.g. two-factor authentication, etc.) 
  • Complete security audits to check for leaks, breaches, and to enhance your remote connections 

Control user permission to increase security 

It makes sense that you (the dentist) would have an all-access pass to your practice’s database – onsite or remotely. But it wouldn’t make sense to grant administrative permissions to all members of your team. Consider implementing permissions based on team roles or members.  

It’s a good idea to segment access for practical and productivity related reasons. Keep your team members in their individual lane of responsibility when providing remote access. It also: 

  • Remotes data distractions that aren’t applicable to specific roles 
  • Helps promotes productivity 
  • Is additional layer of security around your data access 

Enhance pace and productivity 

The pandemic had a halting effect on dentistry. Practices felt it and team members felt it.  

The economic impact of lost production and the emotional toll on your team created the need for recovery. Remote access can deliver on both. 

Some team members might be grateful for the work flexibility and implied trust that comes with working remotely. Those with responsibilities for billing, insurance, patient follow-up, etc. could feel more energized when they have remote access capability to do their work. 

The evolving post-pandemic season of dentistry can be innovative and productive. And providing remote access solutions to data and related workflows will play a significant role in that evolution for your patients and team.  

Leverage available technology for remote data access  

Perhaps it’s time to evaluate your current dental practice management platform. Is your platform remote friendly? Leveraging the power of a remote-capable practice management solution will improve the patient experience and your team’s efficiency. 

Consider the following upgrades that allow you to improve your productivity around remote workflows.  

  • Use patient-facing innovations such as online scheduling, contactless check-in, teledentistry, and digital payment portals.  

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