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How Contactless Dental Technology is Shaping the Future of Safe Convenient Patient Care

By Planet DDS
May 27, 2020

The words “new normal” might suffer from overuse. But it certainly defines the increasing need for contactless dental technology solutions.

Re-opening has stirred up new realities for how you and your patients will interact around their dental care. Your standard of care must now make room for a few zero-contact systems.

Reduced physical contact around common, taken-for-granted processes can help ensure your patient’s safety and enable you to provide treatment with minimal workflow disruption.

Make safety a priority through contactless dental technology

Trite as may sound, it truly is the-little-things that make a difference in the COVID-19 era of dentistry. Your attention to those seemingly small details reassures your patients that you understand their concerns.

Their fears are legitimate. Data from the general healthcare sector confirms public caution.

”In a Morning Consult survey, only 18% of US adults admitted they’re comfortable eating at a restaurant or going on a vacation. It’s a figure that plummets for other everyday activities. So what about returning to healthcare facilities? Public Opinion Strategies and Jarrard released a study revealing only 13% of Americans plan to schedule a routine visit in their doctor’s office immediately.”

Long-term predictions reveal that many are undecided on when they’ll feel confident scheduling a routine or elective procedure.

”Only 21% of respondents said they’d schedule a routine visit in their doctor’s office or an elective procedure in a hospital in 4-6 months. Conclusively, the data as a whole indicates that Americans are split on returning to healthcare facilities.”

You should perhaps expect the same level of measured caution from patients about returning to your dental office.

Steps to implement contactless options and communicating the specifics reveals that you’re prioritizing their safety.

How contactless dental technology works to improve patient care

You can maintain workflow consistency through your standard of care and patient preference.

COVID-19 has created a renewed awareness of telehealth – including teledentistry. Virtual communication to discuss symptoms and provide initial diagnosis is now a more acceptable care option.

Many patients are growing more comfortable with a home-based consultation prior to scheduling a necessary appointment for the procedure.

This requires the need to adapt your patient care workflows to accommodate patient preference.

  • Evaluate your current workflows in light of the increasing need for teledentistry. What changes are necessary? Is there new equipment or upgrades required?
  • Empower your team and align their workflows to accommodate teledentistry opportunities.
  • Engage your patients with new appointment options that includes teledentistry for consolations and initial diagnosis.

Contactless solutions will require more reliance on digital technology. It’s a worthwhile investment knowing that your patients can experience a perceived safer and seamless experience with your dental office.

You can maximize the convenience factor for your patients

No doubt, safety is now more front-of-mind. But convenience still remains a necessary aspect of your patient experience.

In fact, 80% of patient’s choose a healthcare provider based on convenience.

Contactless dental patient solutions provides both – a safe and convenient experience. Your patients will tend to expect a digital option for access to care.

  • Maximize your patient’s time via electronic data solutions. It’s no longer the norm to arrive for an appointment 15 minutes early and be handed a pen, clip board, and forms to complete.
  • Minimize their wait time by delivering secure, digital forms ahead of their appointment. Patients will appreciate arriving at the time of their appointment without having to complete forms prior to treatment.

These are merely the tip-of-the-digital-iceberg for creating a more convenient patient experience.

Make the most of emerging and available contactless dental technology solutions

Virtual Waiting Room Technology transforms the patient check-in process.

This contactless experience helps reduce the face-to-face interaction and respects the “new norm” of physical distancing some are more comfortable with.

The virtual waiting room experience is pictured as follows according to innovative technology provider, Clearwave.

  • 1-Your patient receives a text or email reminder prior to their appointment. Or a real-time message is delivered if scheduled the same day.
  • 2-Your patient completes their pre-check process and is informed about the virtual waiting room option.
  • 3-Your team verifies the patient’s information, reviews necessary COVID-19 screening requirements, and flags any relevant information.
  • 4-Your patient arrives at your facility, remains in their vehicle, calls or texts a designated number to inform your team of their arrival.
  • 5-Your team checks-in the patient via the Clearwave platform that synchs with your dental practice management software, and the team member updates the patient’s status when you (the dentist) are ready.
  • 6-Your patient receives a real-time text message indicating that they can transition inside for their appointment.

Online Appointment Booking increases patient convenience and maximizes your team’s time.

For example, the Denticon platform allows a link to be added to your dental practice website that gives your patients the option of scheduling their appointment online. Patient access is convenient for them and maintains your front-office team’s workflow.

  • Adapt and use customizable templates to highlight available appointment times.
  • Minimize the number of patients in your practice at one time to enhance safety and necessary physical distancing.

Online Patient Registration saves time and helps eliminate reception area crowding.

Like online appointment booking, this Denticon contactless solution gives your patients additional, convenient (and safety focused) options.

  • All registration and health history forms can be securely completed online at their convenience prior to their appointment.
  • Having completed their forms ahead of time, your patients can safely remain in their vehicle until their scheduled appointment is ready.

Curbside Check-In uses text messaging for on-the-spot direct communication.

Your patients can inform you of their arrival and your team can respond in real-time when their appointment is ready via the Denticon platform feature. Outgoing messages from your front-desk can include a phone number for patients to communicate any questions or concerns prior to entering for their appointment.

Patient Portal streamlines patient financial processes.

Your patients can view their account balance and submit payments via their phone. The Denticon Patient Portal has a variety of detailed solutions outlined in our Patient Portal Release Notes.

Denticon’s suite of contactless dental technology solutions includes the above mentioned Online Appointment Booking, Online Patient Registration, Curbside Check-In, and the Patient Portal.

Contact us now about those contactless patient care solutions plus the soon to be released Contactless Payment portal.