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Forward-Thinking Dentistry for Looking Ahead and Staying Ahead in 2021

By Planet DDS
February 23, 2021

If 2020 taught you anything it would certainly include having a Plan B in place. The same forward-thinking applies to looking ahead and staying ahead in dentistry for 2021.

Some might refer to it as “anticipatory leadership.” That’s an appropriate tag but projecting future outcomes also requires essential actions to maintain consistency in your dental practice or organization.

Why it’s lonely at the top in dentistry

It’s common to believe there’s something special or other-worldly about the top echelon within any industry – including dentistry. Holding to that belief makes it difficult to lead according to reproducible benchmarks.

Believing that good fortune or luck is necessary for success can prevent you from looking ahead to the future. Not to mention, staying ahead.

Contrary to popular opinion the future isn’t only populated by dental superstars with a crystal ball. It is, on the other hand, the environment of those with:

    • A strong desire for improving their practice(s)
    • An uncommon level of persistence to adapt and embrace change
    • A willingness to consistently take the steps to improve over time

In essence, looking ahead and staying ahead requires a commitment to narrow the gap between where you

 are and where you want to be. That’s why it’s crowded at the starting line and less crowded as the journey progresses towards success.

Common ground goals for looking ahead and staying ahead in 2021 dentistry

The idea of common ground comes with the understanding that not all initiatives are quantifiable. But based on the shared experiences of top performers it’s perhaps better to build on common principles.

You can build and sustain forward momentum by strategizing around this core of actionable big ideas.

Review, revise, and re-energize your mission

A mission statement can have a rewarding shelf-life. Although being on mission is about more than a creatively written, framed statement on your practice wall and website “about us” page.

A captivating and momentum building mission perhaps already resides in the “DNA” of your practice. You’ll notice evidence in:

  • Your practice vibe or culture
  • How you interact, lead, and manage your team(s)
  • The way your team interacts with your patients
  • The patient experience you consistently provide

Remember that you and your team are reflections of your mission. And it shapes your practice culture.

Know your “why”

This is evidenced in your core values. Consider them the non-negotiables that propel your practice every day.

Your “why” shows up in your operations, systems, workflows, and above all your care standards. Forward and sustained momentum should not be enslaved to “what” you do but rather the under-current of “why.”

Communicate with compelling clarity

Communication keeps everything moving in the right direction. As you’ve probably experienced, a break-down in communication can lead to inefficiencies such as gossip, misunderstandings, and unnecessary periods of chaos.

On the other hand, good, clear, compelling communication is:

  • Transparent
  • Realistic
  • Efficient
  • Accurate

Clear communication seeks the good of the entire practice or organization. There’s improved efficiency, less stress, and a compelling reason for team members to do their part in providing outstanding patient care.

Create fluid, scalable systems and workflows

Forward-thinking here applies to your business and clinical systems. The better your systems and workflows across all departments the less disorganization and chaos will occur.

Good dentistry flows in the direction of least resistance. It’s vital that you pinpoint and close efficiency gaps.

Set up workflows and systems that monitor and enhance team productivity, patient experience, production and more.

  • Delegate the management of your operational systems as much as possible to a skilled new hire or a highly qualified current team member.
  • Align your practice or organizational goals with measurable workflow tasks.
  • Add a systems-check to your regular team meetings and/or morning huddles.

Prioritize measurement alongside management

The more proactive your leadership the less reliant you’ll be on managing details. Forward-thinking focuses on implementing measurable team responsibilities rather than micro-managing daily duties.

  • Release team members to be fully responsible for their area of emphasis or expertise.
  • Assign metrics that keep team(s) and departments on-task and in-their-lane.
  • Train around new measurables and any downward trends.
  • Focus on the preferred end result rather than the approach to achieving it.
  • Refine your operational systems and workflows around data analytics.

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