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Apteryx XVWeb
Now with AI

New feature enhancements that allow dentists to partner with industry-leading AI technologies for enhanced detection and diagnosis of decay and bone loss.

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Advanced AI Capabilities In Dental Imaging Have Arrived

Streamline Workflows

Save time by logging into one system to capture, view, enhance, and analyze x-rays with AI using Apteryx XVWeb.

Increase Production

With built-in AI capabilities, practices can experience an 18% increase in production while enhancing provider-patient relationships.

Improve Case Acceptance

Easily view and share AI-analyzed images to highlight problem areas, boosting case acceptance by up to 21%.

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Discover the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Get a second opinion to help diagnose decay, identify tarter build-up, and highlight bone levels to assist in diagnosing periodontal disease

Review AI feedback on periapical radiolucency, typically found at the apex of a periapical X-ray

With AI feedback, receive real-time second opinion for diagnosing caries and creating a treatment plan directly at the patient's chairside

The Benefits of AI in Dental Imaging

We are proud to partner with industry-leading AI technologies to bring artificial intelligence to dentists, oral surgeons, hygienists, and office staff. Through our partnership, discover a comprehensive chairside viewing experience, allowing you to see and share FDA-cleared pathologies within Apteryx XVWeb Cloud Imaging.

Real-Time X-ray Analysis

Within minutes, have more data than ever to guide and support your diagnosis with the patient chairside. AI makes it easier to visualize the areas of concern so patients can make a more informed decision.

Generate Clinical Alignment

Increase confidence of new associates and standardize the level of care for your entire practice with AI supported clinical decisions.

Increase Insurance Claim Approvals

Submit claims with greater confidence when the diagnosis is supported by quantified data.

Integration with Practice Management System

View the AI analysis from the Apteryx XVWeb Imaging viewer within Denticon. Save time by not toggling back and forth between systems.


“Cloud and AI technologies are transforming the practice of dentistry. With this integration, dentists can harness the power of both technologies to give patients more transparency and confidence in diagnosis and treatment planning. We are in constant pursuit of delivering innovations for the dental industry, so we are delighted to partner with industry-leading AI companies to combine AI with our imaging solution, Apteryx XVWeb.”

– Eric Giesecke, CEO of Planet DDS


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