Denticon Self-Taught Training

For staff to get a head start on training, Denticon’s Sandbox, WalkMes and Help Portal are terrific resources for self-guided instruction prior to the formal Planet DDS Denticon training offered as part of the onboarding process.

Denticon Sandbox

Our “Sandbox” is a learning environment with the same functionality as your live Denticon account, but uses practice data. Users can practice tasks without effecting your patient data.

To register for your a sandbox account, an administrator will need a unique sandbox key found in your Denticon account.

Obtaining Your Sandbox Key

The “Sandbox key” can be provided by your office administrator. The Sandbox key can be found inside you Denticon account by navigating to the Help Menu > Help & Support. Once in the Help & Support page, the Sandbox key is at the bottom, center of the page.Sandbox keySandbox Registration and Login


When you first log into the Denticon Sandbox, you will be prompted to start the WalkMe self-guided tutorial. Our WalkMes are interactive learning tools that show you where to click, step by step, teaching you to perform daily tasks. WalkMes are broken down by user role and the entire library can be completed in under an hour (for best WalkMe experience, use Chrome browser).


Denticon Help Portal

In addition to the videos described above, the Denticon Help Portal contains articles and tutorials on how to complete almost any task in Denticon.

To access the Help Portal from your Denticon account

  • Click on “Help” in the main menu ribbon (at the top of the screen)
  • Select “Help Portal” from the drop-down menu

Once on the Help Portal home page, users can either search for topics of interest in the search box or browse the topic buttons displayed.


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