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Navigating the Changing Landscape of Dental Practice Management: A Conversation with Brandon Halcott

By Planet DDS
February 8, 2024

In a recent conversation between Mike and Brandon Halcott, the founder of Tru Family Dental and Seva Dental, they discussed the evolving economic environment and the impact on the dental industry. Brandon shared his insights on the changes he has witnessed over the past decade and the role of technology in dental practice management. This blog post highlights key points from their conversation and explores the importance of culture, core values, and growth opportunities in building successful dental organizations.

Brandon reflected on the macroeconomic changes that have occurred since he founded Tru Family Dental ten years ago. He noted the maturation of the Dental Service Organization (DSO) industry and the increasing acceptance of consolidation. Additionally, he highlighted the advancements in technology, particularly in practice management software, patient retention, and acquisition tools. Brandon also acknowledged the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and how software and technology played a crucial role in overcoming those challenges.

Brandon emphasized the importance of technology in improving efficiency and patient care. He discussed the benefits of using cloud-based practice management software, such as Denticon, which allowed for remote access to patient records and images. Brandon also highlighted the potential of AI in dental practice management, particularly in areas like treatment planning, patient reactivation, and equipment scanning capabilities. He emphasized the need for technology to enhance the patient experience and improve overall efficiency in dental practices.

Brandon shared his belief in providing growth opportunities for team members within dental organizations. He discussed the importance of internal promotions and creating a culture that encourages professional development. Brandon highlighted examples of team members who started in one role and were able to grow and take on additional responsibilities within the organization. He emphasized the need for clear vision, mission, and core values that align with the organization’s goals and create a sense of purpose for team members.

Brandon stressed the significance of culture and core values in building successful dental organizations. He emphasized the need for leaders to live and breathe the core values and ensure they are present throughout the organization. Brandon highlighted the importance of hiring individuals who align with the organization’s core values and creating a sense of belonging and purpose for team members. He acknowledged the time and effort required to instill core values into an organization but emphasized the long-term benefits of a strong culture.

Brandon Halcott’s insights provide valuable perspectives on the changing landscape of dental practice management. His emphasis on technology, growth opportunities, and culture highlights the key factors that contribute to the success of dental organizations. As the dental industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for dental professionals to embrace technology, provide growth opportunities for team members, and foster a strong culture based on core values. By doing so, dental practices can thrive in an ever-changing economic environment and deliver exceptional patient care.