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Planet DDS Introduces Comprehensive Payment Acceptance Solution for Dental Practices

By Planet DDS
June 26, 2023

Denticon Pay, fully integrated within the company’s Denticon Practice Management software, uses PCI validated P2PE compliance to protect patient data and reduce PCI compliance burdens 

Newport Beach, CA – June 27, 2023 Planet DDS, the leader in cloud-based dental software, today announced the launch of Denticon Pay, a comprehensive, fully-integrated, patient payment acceptance solution that adheres to Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards with validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) to protect patient data and lower PCI compliance burdens for dental practices.  

The new payment acceptance solution encrypts patient payment data upon entry at the network-enabled payment device so dental practices never have to store, process, or transmit sensitive data. Using Denticon Pay, practices can protect patient data, accept all major forms of payment and create customized payment plans for patients. Dental practices can save staff time and reduce manual entry errors with automatic payment posting.  

“The launch of Denticon Pay comes at a pivotal time in the dental industry where practices are focused on improving the patient experience in more automated, secure and cost-effective ways,” said Eric Giesecke, CEO of Planet DDS. “We’re thrilled to introduce Denticon Pay to our customers as it represents the logical next step for our all-in-one platform where the payment experience is completely integrated.”  

Using Denticon Pay, patients can quickly settle their bills using credit and debit cards while benefiting from the convenience of contactless payment options like text-to-pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. This comprehensive range of payment acceptance ensures that patients enjoy a seamless and hassle-free payment experience. For added flexibility, practices can also connect multiple devices to a single workstation allowing them to accept multiple payments at a time.  

Denticon Pay also introduces the “Card-on-File” feature, which allows practices to securely store patients’ preferred credit card information for future charges. This streamlined approach simplifies subsequent transactions and enhances the overall payment experience. 

Denticon Pay is readily available to all Planet DDS customers using Denticon. To learn more and see a demo, visit  

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