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Planet DDS’ Denticon ranked best cloud-based practice management software for multi-location dental practices

By Planet DDS
March 14, 2017

Denticon by Planet DDS (PDDS) has been ranked the best cloud-based practice management software for dental groups by ValuePenguin, an online consumer resource. Rankings were compiled following an in-depth examination of different practice management software systems and the companies that support them, to include a full review of features and capabilities.

Denticon was built from the ground up in the cloud specifically for multi-location dental practices. By consolidating all practice information in a single, secure cloud database, Denticon eliminates data islands and allows for an enterprise-wide view of business operations. The software’s centralized controls boost practice efficiency and help increase revenue, all the while reducing operating cost by eliminating the need for expensive IT infrastructure.

According to ValuePenguin, “As group dental practices grow and acquire more offices, they often inherit multiple versions of legacy desktop-based practice management software. Since each system stores its data in different formats (or may not even have the data of interest available in the first place), it can be difficult to generate and aggregate reports that provide a sense of composite performance.”

The ranking summary goes on to explain that “Denticon was designed to help address these pain points by providing a consolidated web-based solution for every office in your group practice.”

Value Penguin also summarized the company’s long track record in the cloud: “Whereas many traditional dental software companies have only recently begun to develop their cloud-based offerings, Planet DDS has been developing their solution…for over a decade, making their flagship software, Denticon, one of the most mature, full-featured cloud-based practice management software solutions on the market.”

Rahul Khot, PDDS Principal Software Architect, added “Denticon was engineered to accommodate the needs of any size dental practice. Many of our dental clients recognize the importance of scale to help compete with the group practice giants, even if scale means just a few offices. Our software allows them to remain competitive and scale easily, without incurring the hardware costs normally associated with new or acquired offices.”

Denticon is fully web-based, and PDDS releases regular updates to the software at no cost to its users. Because they’re deployed seamlessly in the cloud, these updates require no action—Denticon users simply log in online for the latest version of the software. This delivery method allows Denticon to keep pace with industry and regulatory changes in an ever-shifting industry.

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Planet DDS is the established leader in cloud-based dental software. The company’s Denticon practice management software is a powerful, flexible tool built for enterprise and trusted by thousands of dental professionals across the country. More information on Planet DDS is available online at

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