The only proven enterprise cloud solution on the market. Don’t pay to be a beta tester.

Cloud-based enterprise software first appeared in the early 2000s, and we were there with Denticon at the very beginnings of this new software delivery model. Our software has powered dental organizations for over a decade, making Denticon the only proven enterprise cloud solution on the market. Yet many dental practices and even large groups are still stuck with outdated desktop practice management software that places an unnecessary burden on IT teams. Making the switch to Denticon’s 21st Century cloud software allows you to streamline your IT operations and reduce hardware costs while enhancing security and control.


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Everything else runs on the cloud.

Why shouldn’t your dental organization do the same?

There’s a reason why nearly every piece of technology you use on a daily basis is cloud-based. With Denticon, you can break free from outdated, legacy desktop practice management software at work too. 
Switch to the Denticon cloud and spend your IT budget somewhere else. Or slash it altogether. Either way, your IT department will shine.

Shrink your hardware footprint and slash your IT budget

Traditional legacy desktop software places a huge hardware burden on dental organizations, requiring them not only to pay for the practice management software itself, but also for the hardware that runs that software—typically in the form of servers. Add to that the networking, the remote login functionality, the layers of additional reporting and third-party tools to combine data from multiple locations, the security, the backups, the redundancy, and the total cost of ownership for desktop software quickly consumes a big portion of any IT budget.

With Denticon, many of those costs are eliminated and replaced with a predictable, monthly subscription rate, because we host your data for you in the cloud and we’re able to spread our costs across our entire user base, passing along the savings to you.

Traditional software vendors only present you with costs “above the waterline.”

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Security Lock

Enhance security

Most HIPAA breaches occur when physical media is stolen. A thumb drive, a hard drive, or even an entire workstation with desktop practice management software installed on it are all vulnerable to theft or damage. With Denticon, your patient and practice data is stored remotely, on servers at AT&T and Amazon Web Services data centers, behind layers of intrusion detection and other state-of-the-art security. All Denticon data is backed up on a continuous basis, with a full redundancy and a disaster recovery plan should one data center fail.

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Take control

Denticon offices love the anytime, anywhere access to their practice management software, but that freedom isn’t always appropriate for every user. That’s why we built into Denticon a robust set of rights and permissions that can be assigned to individual users or groups of users by employee role. These granular security settings allow dental organizations to determine who gets to do what in their practice management software. Denticon’s user rights even allow administrators to determine when users can log in, and from where. Only want certain users to access Denticon during office hours, and from the office itself? No problem. Denticon also creates a detailed audit trail of all user activity.

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Eliminate downtime

When a server crashes, the typical dental office grinds to a halt. Sometimes for days, depending on how effective of an IT department it has in support. To say nothing of potential data loss from hardware failures. Denticon’s uptime is continuous, thanks to the layers of redundancy built into our system. As an IT manager, you’ll never have to worry about the dreaded “our server is down” call or email again with Denticon. And you’ll greatly reduce the risk of HIPAA breach by eliminating storage of sensitive data on site.

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Centralize and streamline everything

As a Denticon administrator, you’ll be able to access all of your offices in the same browser window. You can easily change administrative settings for individual offices or groups of offices without having to log in and out of different servers or workstations. And if you’re in the challenging position of running different software at different locations, you’ll eliminate even more headaches for your IT department by switching to a single-database cloud solution. Even better, you can say goodbye to cumbersome software updates that require you to run patches and local installs. When we ship a new release of Denticon, we handle everything on our servers in the cloud. Simply log in as you normally would to access the latest and greatest version of our practice management software—no action required.

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