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Delivering the Ultimate Patient Experience: Communications, Touchless Visits, and Membership Plans - 7/23/2020

Delivering the Ultimate Patient Experience


Recapping Key Learnings | COVID-19 Update 17 - 7/9/2020

COVID-19 in Dental Update 17


How to Attract and Retain the Best Talent in a Post-COVID-19 World | COVID-19 in Dental Update 16 - 7/2/2020

COVID-19 in Dental Update 16


Best-In-Class Patient Experience in a Post COVID-19 World | COVID-19 in Dental Update 15 - 6/25/20

COVID-19 in Dental Update 15


Updates and Dental Care Alliance's Safe Smiles Initiative | COVID-19 in Dental Update 14 - 6/18/20

COVID-19 in Dental Update 13 Webinar Recording-1


Reopening the Practice with Confidence - 6/12/20

Reopening with Confidence


Post-COVID-19 Use of AI to Improve Practice Performance | COVID-19 in Dental 13 - 6/11/20

COVID-19 in Dental Update 13 Webinar Recording


Role of Dentists in COVID Testing | COVID-19 in Dental Update 12 - 6/4/20

COVID-19 in Dental Update 12 Webinar


Post COVID Lending and Credit Markets for Dentists and Dental Organizations | COVID-19 in Dental Update 11 - 5/28/20

COVID-19 in the Dental Industry Update 11


Why You Should Rethink What You’ve Heard About M&A - 5/27/20

Why You Should Rethink What Youve Heard About M and A-1


Best Practices for Re-Opening | COVID-19 in Dental Update 10 - 5/21/20

COVID-19 Update 10


Alternative Financing Options | COVID-19 in Dental Update 9 - 5/14/20

COVID-19 Update 9


How to Finance Patients in Challenging Economic Times - 5/12/20

Finance Patients in Challenging Times


Marketing and Reopening | COVID-19 in Dental Update 8 - 5/7/20

COVID-19 Update 8


M&A and Valuation Conversation Post-COVID-19 - 5/5/20

M&A Valuation Conversation


State-by-State Reopening Guidelines | COVID-19 in Dental Update 7 - 4/30/20

COVID-19 In the Dental Industry Update 7


The Dental Industry Post COVID-19 | COVID-19 in Dental Update 6 - 4/23/20

COVID-19 Update 6

Navigating the Patient Journey Through COVID-19 - 4/22/20

Navigating Patient Journey


Making Teledentistry Profitable - 4/17/20

Making Teledentistry Profitable


Preserve and Maximize Cash Flow  | COVID-19 in Dental Update 5 - 4/16/20

COVID-19 Update 5


Mergers and Acquisitions | COVID-19 in Dental Update 4 - 4/9/20

COVID-19 Update 4


How to Implement Teledentistry Today - 4/8/20

How to Implement Teledentistry Today


Small-Business Stimulus Package and Infection Control | COVID-19 in Dental Update 3 - 4/2/20
Labor/Employment and Teledentistry Webinar | COVID-19 in Dental Update 2 - 3/26/20
Clinical and Financial Webinar | COVID-19 in Dental Update 1 - 3/19/20

How COVID-19 is Impacting the Dental Industry


Article: How to Navigate the Impact of COVID-19 on Dentistry and Increase Patient Confidence

With plenty of relevant data available regarding COVID-19 symptoms and prevention our goal here is not to solely focus on those. Rather, our intention is to prompt your thinking about the unique position you’re in to deepen patient trust now and post-pandemic.

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Legal Resources from Dykema

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The Dykema DSO team is committed to helping you navigate this situation and position your organization for recovery.  Click below for resources and a directory of Dykema team members and their subject matter expertise.

Dykema's Legal Resources

Essential vs Non-Essential Dental Procedures During COVID-19

Essential vs Non-Essential Dental Procedures During COVID-19

This is not legal advice and intended as a general guide. Refer to your state regulations for specific mandates and guidelines.

COVID-19 Dental Patient Screening Checklist

Financial Planning Ideas for Dental Organizations During COVID-19

  • Control what you can – it is normal to have bear markets
  • Remember that with a balanced portfolio, only part of your securities are invested in the stock market.
  • Remember we’ve already planned for bear market cycles
  • Use capital losses to net out capital gains and rebalance back to your asset allocation target
  • Opportunistic buying and selling (i.e. rebalance to purchase out of favor assets)
  • Review concentrated stock positions you’d like to reduce (i.e. company stock, low basis stock, etc.)
  • Review high cost investment positions to replace (i.e.  low basis high cost mutual funds)
  • Consider Roth IRA conversions
  • Consider legacy planning
  • Think about cash needs in the near term

Dental Patient Flowchart for COVID-19

Using Denticon to Work Remotely During COVID-19

Appointment and Schedule Remotely

  • Denticon users can continue to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments remotely.
    • Access the scheduler from home to notify patients of changes to the schedule and to reschedule appointments.
    • When you reopen your office, pull recall or treatment plan reports and reach out to patients to schedule appointments in advance of reopening.
    • View our on-demand webinar on recalls

Post, Submit and Follow-up on Claims

IMPORTANT: Make sure you turn off any IP restrictions associated with your account for users to access Denticon remotely.

Other Denticon resources, tips and tricks to help you and your staff work remotely: