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Increasing Case Acceptance and Streamlining Operations for Willis & Associates Family Dentistry

By Planet DDS
April 20, 2023

Willis & Associates Family Dentistry is a leading dental group with 14 offices located throughout the state of Virginia and a proven track record with 42 years of serving patients. As a growing dental group, Willis & Associates Family Dentistry has been committed to providing high-quality dental care to their patients across all locations while also staying current with the latest technological advancements in the industry.

To help achieve these goals, the Willis team began using Denticon, the premier cloud-based practice management software designed specifically for growing dental practices by Planet DDS.

“One of our big goals as an organization was standardizing systems across offices. We decided to move to a cloud-based practice management solution and researched different competitors. We ultimately decided Denticon was the best choice for us. It was a great decision, and we’ve been very happy with it,” shared Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Dr. James Willis.

Vetting Planet DDS Solutions and Onboarding

There were several contenders as Dr. Willis and his team evaluated options for cloud-based practice management solutions. During their research, Dr. Willis looked at what other groups that were similar in size were using.

“We knew Denticon was proven. There were other groups my size that I knew and respected that were using Denticon. We also liked that Apteryx was open architecture and compatible with different systems,” explained Dr. Willis of their decision.

Dr. Willis also shared his and his team’s experience once they began implementing Planet DDS solutions.

“Of course, onboarding is a big job, but we had a great team, so I thought it went smoothly. It was a big change for the team when we got new software, but I noticed that the training was effective and once our teams got rolling, we never looked back,” said Dr. Willis.

Streamlining Operations Across Multiple Locations

Denticon is also helping the Willis team streamline its operations and improve overall efficiency. Using Denticon to manage patient records, set appointments, and centralize billing has made it easier for the practice to manage its operations across multiple locations. Standardizing with Denticon provided much-needed consistency across the organization and enabled the team to focus more of their time on dentistry and less on administrative tasks.

“As a growing dental practice with multiple locations, a centralized system has been a huge time-saver for us. We see the difference, especially when it comes to resolving IT issues. Denticon can help us easily manage our operations across all 14 of our offices, which has allowed us to focus more on what really matters—providing our patients with the best possible care,” shared Dr. Willis.

Seamless Workflow within Denticon Practice Management Solution

The team also enjoys having an integrated imaging solution within Denticon. This has allowed the practice to save time and streamline its imaging workflow for its staff and patients in addition to the benefits of standardizing and centralizing with Denticon.

Dr. Willis offered the following advice for dental groups looking to grow, “Anytime you’re trying to scale a dental group, you want to standardize as early as possible to eliminate IT, accounting, and insurance issues. Moving to the cloud is a no-brainer. You’re going to have to do it and I would say Denticon is a great solution to set you up for the future.”


Cloud-based dental software by Planet DDS has been a positive catalyst for the Willis team. With Apteryx integrated with Denticon, centralized practice management for managing patient records and operations, and proactive analytics capabilities have helped the practice simplify their imaging workflows, operations, and IT. By implementing a proven and leading cloud-based practice management solution, Willis & Associates Family Dentistry is well-positioned to continue its rapid growth while providing high-quality dental care.

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