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Planet DDS: Your Partner for Mission Critical Dental Software — Part 4 of the "Why Denticon" Series

Let’s talk about goals for a minute. If you’re a solo practice, what does success as a dentist look like for you? If you manage a DSO, how do you ..

Why Denticon is Superior to a Paper-Based System

Something is considered “superior” when it achieves a certain status. As relates to how you store, manage, and access your dental practice data a..

Denticon Implementation: Reaping the Benefits of Denticon From Day 1—Part 3 of the “Why Denticon” Series

Welcome back to part three of the “Why Denticon” series. If you are a solo practice or DSO in the market for a new practice management software..

Forward-Thinking Dentistry for Looking Ahead and Staying Ahead in 2021

If 2020 taught you anything it would certainly include having a Plan B in place. The same forward-thinking applies to looking ahead and staying..

How Cloud-Based, Open-Architecture Imaging Software Can Potentially Save your DSO $ 1.7 million

If your office is a multi-location dental service organization (DSO) and it's time for a server refresh, read this article to see how Apteryx..

Why the Cloud is Right for Your Solo Dental Practice, Private Group Practice, or DSO

There’s more to your dental practice data and it’s management than storage. That consideration and more could help you understand why the cloud is..

How to Know When It’s Time for Your DSO to Invest in New Technology

“Not if but when!”

That phrase would apply to a dental technology investment. It also raises a more specific question - when should a DSO invest..

Denticon Recognized as a Key Milestone in Dental Automation

We are thrilled to announce that Dental Products Report has recognized Denticon the all-in-one practice management solution as one of the key 10..

Denticon Pricing for Solo and Private Practices ­­—­ Part 2 of the “Why Denticon?” Series

Thanks for joining us for part 2 of the “Why Denticon” series. If you’re new to it, the purpose of the series is to cover the top questions we..

Denticon Pricing for DSOs — Part 2 of the “Why Denticon?” Series

Welcome to part 2 of the “Why Denticon” series. In this series, we will cover the most frequently asked questions that we receive from prospective..

How Insight-Driven Business Management Can Guide Your Dental Practice or DSO to Higher Performance

Managing your dental practice is full of “can’t-see-the-forest-for-the-trees” moments. Preoccupation with the daily minutiae can be overcome with..

Create Loyal Patients by Improving the Patient Experience

Two elements drive your dental practice or DSO success. There are business elements and there are customer (patient) service elements. Improving..

How to Successfully Bill Medical Insurance for Dental Treatment: An Interview with Laurie Owens of Devdent

We recently hosted Laurie Owens, the Director of Medical Billing at Devdent for an online webinar. Her discussion about how dentists can utilize..

Most Powerful Denticon Features for DSOs and Group Practices — Part 1 of the “Why Denticon?” Series

In this multi-part series, we will be answering some of your most burning questions about Denticon. If you’re in the market for a new dental..

Planet DDS: 2020 in Numbers

We are ecstatic to share that 2020 was a year of immense growth for Planet DDS. Despite a global pandemic, Planet DDS showed tremendous sales..

5 Analytics Driving Best Practices for Your Dental Practice or Dental Organization

Having an advantage in dentistry is rarely the result of one strategy. Like sports it’s more of a team effort relative to understanding the..

Most Powerful Denticon Features for Solo/Private Practices — Part 1 of the “Why Denticon?” Series

Welcome to the first of a multi-part series where we answer the question: “Why Denticon?” If you’re in the market for a dental practice management..

Future-Proof Your Dental Practice with Future-Ready Initiatives

The future is unpredictable. You can speculate, but that’s only one way to consider how to future-proof your dental practice.

4 Timely Strategies for Acquiring and Keeping New Patients

There are reasons people seek dentistry. And there are reasons youre able to be there for them when they do. It has everything to do with your..

Leverage What You’ve Learned in 2020 to Reimagine Your Dental Practice in 2021

Perhaps one of your top cant-wait” moments for your dental practice or dental organization right now is starting fresh!” After 2020 you might..

Referrals Made Easy With Denticon

What Are the New Referral Management Systems in Denticon, and Why Are They Such Powerful Tools for Dentists?

Planet DDS is excited to announce two..

Prepare Now and Get Your Solo Dental Practice Ready for 2021

“If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going.” - Maya Angelou

The relevance of Angelous poetic perspective is..

Part 2: Trends in Dentistry for 2021 That Could Shape the Industry’s Landscape

Trend forecasting in 2020 (for 2021) might seem a bit skewed given the COVID-19 pandemic shake-up. But there are 2021 trends in dentistry that are..

HIPAA Security Rule Compliance and the High Stakes for Dentists

HIPAA compliance is a vital part of managing your dental practice. Compliance not only helps protect your patients’ information but also your..

Track and Maximize the Trends in Dentistry for 2021 (and Beyond)

Not to wish-life-away,” but if there was ever a year we wanted to wrap up quickly, its 2020. Challenging only begins to describe it. Yet, in..

How to Create, Launch, and Grow an In-House Dental Membership Plan

Dependence or independence? Relative to your insurance provider network your answer is probably affected by profitability. Even so, independence..

Avoid Cybersecurity and Ransomware Threats by Securing Your Dental Practice Database and Staying Compliant

Watch-your-back!” That serves as a warning these days especially related to cybersecurity and ransomware threats to your dental practice database.

4 Strategies to Implement for Better Fee Schedule Efficiency and Management

What’s the “linchpin” of dental practice efficiency? That depends. But in your experience you’ll probably realize it has more to do with a variety..

What is Open-Architecture Dental Imaging Software?

 Our team meets with dental practices every day to discuss their imaging technologies and how our dental imaging software differs from other..

Improve Your Profitability and Patient Relationships by Tracking the Changes in Dental Insurance

If you’re glass-half-full person there’s reason to be hopeful. Perspective being what it is…the changes in dental insurance coverage could signal..

Re-Boot Your Momentum with a Dental Practice Cash-Flow Strategy

You might not be where you want to be. But wherever you are it’s certain that a dental practice cash-flow strategy can provide momentum.

What Is a Dental Membership Plan and How Can It Improve Your Revenue Cycle?

You know that feeling of “breaking-free” from something that’s held you captive? Compare that experience to being set free from the “clutches” of..

DEXIS vs. Apteryx: Which is the Best Imaging Solution for You?

Selecting the imaging software solution for your practice is not a decision to be made lightly. Taking and reading radiographs is central to your..

A Worthwhile (and Timely) Comparison of Private Practice Dentistry and the DSO Model of Dentistry

It might appear that 2020 has narrowed your opportunities in dentistry. Yet, industry shifts could also open your mind to consider what has..

Why You Should Take Advantage of the Opportunity to Bill Medical Insurance for Dental Procedures

The fact that something is legal doesn’t always guarantee acceptance. That’s the tension often felt when the opportunity presents to determine the..

Video: Store and Access All of Your Images in One Secure Place with XVWeb

Apteryx director of operations, Patrick Williams, joins Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz with DentistryIQ to discuss XVWeb and how it sets..

The ROI-Boosting Revenue Cycle Management Module of Your Dental Practice Management Software

As you know, dental practice growth and the challenges that accompany daily dentistry can stretch your financial resources. Those realities..

The High-Performance Reporting Module of Your Dental Practice Management Software

What good is a map if you don’t know where you want to go? The same could be said about the reporting module of your dental practice management..

The Convenience Effect of the Patient-Facing Module of Your Dental Practice Management Software

Dentistry isn’t only about treating patients. It also involves engaging your patients in a way that creates a lifetime connection around their..

The Heavy-Lifting Operations Module of Your Dental Practice Management Software

Daily life around a dental practice - as you know - can evolve fast. Often that evolution stretches your operational workflows to a breaking..

The All-Important Clinical Module of Your Dental Practice Management Software

Your dental practice production relies on scheduled, billable treatment. Pace is also a factor. That’s why it’s essential that the clinical module..

An Overview of Dental Practice Management Software Functions and Its Relationship to Your Patient’s Experience

Software and technology innovations can easily lure you into a usage “rut.” Your dental practice management software can fall into oneespecially..

Five Tips for Maximizing Your Dental Practice in the Current and Post-COVID Era

No one questions the setbacks in dentistry caused by COVID-19. There’s also no question that you’ve been forced to strategize how to maximize your..

Top 3 Reasons to Update Your Dental Software

The “tip-of-the-iceberg” is a useful analogy. It's especially applicable to the decision making process when considering an update your dental..

The Top 8 Benefits of Cloud-Based Dental Imaging Software

Dental Imaging Software. Every dental practice has it. Traditionally, this software and image storage has resided on a file server owned and..

Dental Trends in 2020 That Could Have Staying Power Beyond COVID

Every year comes with predictions… and 2020 was no exception. But what was predicted as the year began would turn out not to be very consistent..

The Ongoing Growth and Evolution of the Top DSOs in the U.S.

Dentistry is ever-evolving. And much of that change revolves around the growth of the top DSOs in the U.S.

Our 2017 article, ‘Top 10 DSOs in the..

The Rise of the Paperless Dental Practice: Making the Transition from Paper to the Cloud an Easier Decision

“It’s all fun-and-games-until…” That phrase could adequately describe the reasons for making the transition from paper to the cloud.

No doubt,..

Why Your Dental Practice Management Solution is Better in the Cloud

The internet has been described metaphorically for as long as it’s been a viable resource. The “cloud” seems to be an appropriate metaphor since..

How Digital, Cloud-Based Technology Can Help Recession Proof Your Dental Practice

Proof of an economic recession is evident. Equally so, evidence points to the need to have a plan to recession proof your dental practice.

For our..

Optimize Your Dental Practice Workflows to Meet Patient Expectations and Increase Production

Setbacks are inevitable. But facing them proactively is one of the first steps towards optimizing your dental practice workflows.

No doubt, recent..

Dental Imaging Software: Cloud-Based Versus On-Premise Solutions

Is now the time to move your dental imaging solution to the cloud?  While 90% to 95% of 2D and 3D image files are still stored on locally hosted..

Fundamental and Innovative Solutions for Being In Sync with CDC Guidelines for Dental Practices

There are times when being in sync is essential. COVID-19 has forced that issue related to CDC (Centers for Disease) guidelines for dental..

Talking to X-Ray Resistant Patients

You Tell the Patient They Need X-rays and They Tell You “NO!”

What should you do when talking to x-ray resistant patients? Most patients do..

What the EEOC Guidelines Could Mean for Your Dental Practice in the COVID-19 Era

COVID-19, like other severe illnesses, might diminish for a period of time although fears remain. This makes implementation of the Equal..

Teledentistry Pt. 2: How to Use Teledentistry to Connect with Patients

The question - “what is teledentistry?” is being asked and answered a lot these days. Now that it’s being embraced as virtual option the emerging..

How Contactless Dental Technology is Shaping the Future of Safe Convenient Patient Care

The words “new normal” might suffer from overuse. But it certainly defines the increasing need for contactless dental technology solutions.

A Field Guide for Re-Opening Your Dental Practice

Covering all of your bases is a worthwhile goal. Its especially true as youre attempting to follow a checklist of sorts for reopening your..

How Much Does Dental Imaging Software Cost?

The answer to the simple question “how much does does dental imaging software cost?” is not so simple. Ironically, when it comes to buying a..

How to Build and Renew Dental Patient Relationships During COVID-19 and Beyond

Quarantined. On lockdown. Practicing social distancing. The language of our times not only defines life as we know it…it also substantially..

What Are the COVID-19 Return-to-Work Guidelines for Dental Practices?

“An abundance of caution…” That phrase might seem momentarily overused but it certainly applies to the return-to-work guidelines for dental..

COVID-19 Relief Options for Dentists (Including the Newly Replenished Federal Loan Program)

It’s obvious that the coronavirus pandemic has created a number of good news-bad news scenarios. As you’re perhaps already aware, a recent bad..

What You Can Do Now to Prepare Your Dental Practice to Re-Open

You hear the word “unprecedented” a lot these days associated with the COVID-19 crisis. But with unprecedented challenges come the equally..

Effective Facebook Marketing Tips for Orthodontists

Facebook has been the leading social media platform for some time now with 2.45 billion active users every month. And if you’ve not yet started..

The CARES Act and How the Government Stimulus Package Applies to Dentists

How many times have you wondered how you’ll get through the COVID-19 crisis? Your fear is legitimate but how the government stimulus package..

What is Teledentistry and How Can It Transform Access to Dental Care

Imagine a circle. Now picture that circle growing increasingly larger. That’s an accurate image for answering the question - “what is..

Why Cybersecurity for Dental Practices is a Priority

The technology available to your dental practice has significantly evolved over 20 years. And with increased digital capabilities comes the need..

What is the Purpose of Practice Management Software?

“A hammer is a tool…the carpenter determines its usage.”

How to Navigate the Impact of COVID-19 on Dentistry and Increase Patient Confidence

The global pandemic created by COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has altered life as we know it. Lock-downs, widespread closures, and social distancing have..

Is Paid Search Right for Your Dental Practice?

If you’re looking for new ways to reach potential patients and grow your practice, you should explore investing in paid search. The paid search..

How to Bill Medical Insurance for Dental Procedures

There’s no doubt that oral health impacts overall physical health. But that doesn’t guarantee the ease of how to bill medical insurance for dental..

What Can Increase Productivity in a Dental Office?

As production goes…so goes the practice! Too direct or spot on?

How the DSO Dental Model Impacts the Dental Industry

Perspective is everything. This is especially true as you navigate the conversation surrounding the DSO dental model.

How to Run a Successful Dental Office

It’s said that, “Success leaves clues.” As you think about your career, perhaps that statement peaks your curiosity about how to run a successful..

What is a DSO in Dental? (And Do You Fit the Demographic?)

The right question at the right time can unlock opportunity. For example, like many dentists burdened by the business side of dentistry you might..

13 Top Dental Trends for 2020

Through consulting with clients and monitoring industry thought leaders, we have compiled a list of 13 trends we’re predicting in 2020. It’s no..

15 Tips on How to Run a Successful Dental Practice in 2020

Patients have never had more options for dental care. They can do a quick search on the internet or spin up a quick post asking their friends for..

How to Get More Dental Patients Into a Dental Office

Patients are the lifeblood of any dental office.

A dental office may have the finest doctors, the best equipment, even the latest, most up-to-date..

Daily morning huddles keep your dental team on track.

In the first installment of our series on improving dental practice profitability, we discussed the importance of goals and how to set them for..

Three-dimensional printing comes to dentistry.

In the last two decades, three-dimensional printing made big strides towards widespread commercial and recreational availability. Now some dental..

Setting goals for your dental providers.

In the first installment of our series on improving dental practice profitability, we’ll discuss the importance of goals and how to set them for..

Molars used to identify 160,000-year-old remains.

A jawbone fragment found in Tibet almost 30 years ago was recently discovered to be at least 160,000 years old, making it the oldest evidence of..

Large pharmacy chains adding dental offerings.

CVS Health, the largest pharmacy chain in the U.S., announced last week that SmileDirectClub (SDC) will expand their SmileShops to hundreds of CVS..

Possible link between (poor) oral hygiene and oral cancer.

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. With impeccable timing, a recent study presented at the American Association of Cancer Research on March 31..

XrayVision® Scanner Support for Film Radiographs

Today’s advanced imaging devices provide dental professionals with the ability to quickly and conveniently acquire clear, high-resolution stills..

Automatic Document Generation for Dental Practices: XrayVision®

Whether you’re sending patient referrals, creating treatment plans, or submitting images to insurance companies, document generation is part of..

Patient Image Management Features: Apteryx XrayVision®

Your patients are the most important part of your business. Providing them with the highest levels of care and consideration possible is a top..

NameGrabber by LED Apteryx: A Patent-Pending “Bridge” to Any Windows Practice Management Program

Managing patient data is a top priority of any dental practice. Due to the vast array of technologies currently available, streamlining your..

Secure Data Storage that’s HIPAA Compliant: XVWeb

The security of your patient data is a top priority for you and your staff. Your patients and customers expect that their private medical data is..

HIPAA Compliant Image Security and Encryption: XrayVision®

The security of your patient data is a top priority for you and your staff. Your patients and customers expect that their private medical data is..

Cloud Imaging Software for Dental Practices: XVWeb

XVWeb by LED Apteryx is our latest state-of-the-art cloud imaging software. It brings the power and versatility of cloud technology to you and..

DICOM-Compatible Cloud Imaging Software: XVWeb

The ability to upload, store and share your patient’s image data with other dental or medical professionals can make or break a treatment..

Digital Imaging Software for DSOs and Multi-Location Practices: XVWeb

Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) and large group practices have many logistical requirements. Factors such as their considerable staff and..

Using the power of the cloud to provide dental services to low-income families.

Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease among children in the United States—in fact the CDC states that dental disease is four times more..

UnitedHealthcare claims early success with dental pain pill limit.

UnitedHealthcare (UHC), an operating division of UnitedHealth Group, the largest single health carrier in the United States, recently claimed some..

Don’t let growth create unnecessary headaches.

Multi-location groups comprise the fastest-growing segment in dental—by some estimates, they will represent 40% of the market within 5 years,..

New law aims to broaden dental care access.

Last week, proposed legislation aimed at broadening access to dental care in the U.S. officially became law.

Forensic dentists identify victims of California wildfires.

California’s 2018 wildfire season continues to take its toll as officials search for missing residents in the aftermath of the Camp Fire, the..

Dental care that comes to you.

Despite the clear link between oral health and overall health, the percentage of adults who see a dentist on a regular basis is declining.

Major changes coming to dental coverage for military retirees.

Dental insurance for military retirees is undergoing a major change this year, with coverage shifting from the Tricare Retiree Dental Program..

How to save money and improve your dental practice’s productivity.

A productive team is key to maintaining a healthy and profitable dental practice, but rising costs and outdated technology can make that goal..

In-mouth radio wins DoD contract.

The innovative in-mouth radio device developed by California-based Sonitus Technology came one step closer to widespread military deployment with..

Good news for Golden State dentists.

California’s state budget for 2018-19 contains a significant increase in funding for Denti-Cal, the Medi-Cal dental program. Signed by Governor..

Japanese study of the elderly highlights the importance of dental health.

We’ve written here before about how one-fifth of adults ages 65 and older in the United States have untreated tooth decay, in many cases due to..

Massive Texas Medicaid dental claim fraud case reaches final conclusion.

A case filed back in 2014 was finally put to rest after the Texas Supreme Court found Xerox responsible for $1 billion in fraudulent Medicaid..

What’s behind the rise of DSOs?

In a previous post, we examined some of the reasons why younger dentists are drawn in greater and greater numbers to DSOs: burdensome student..

Why your dental practice should start the day with a morning huddle.

As consolidation drives greater competition in the dental industry, it’s more important than ever for individual practices and emerging groups to..

Dental benefit plans: Devil’s in the details.

When signing with a dental benefit plan, dentists typically focus a great deal of attention on the fee schedule, sometimes at the expense of other..

Should your dental practice use online patient registration?

The short answer: Yes!

Online patient registration can help improve the patient experience, increase practice efficiency, and reduce the..

Car launches into second story of dental office.

Some people put off a visit to the dentist, but on the opposite end of the spectrum, have you ever heard of someone crashing their car into the..

The economic effect of poor dental care.

Under federal mandates, all children from low-income families enrolled in Medicaid are guaranteed dental coverage across the United States...

Taiwanese dentist court-ordered to pay mother for education.

The high cost of a dental education—hundreds of thousands of dollars—is no secret. It’s one of the reasons why so many newly minted dentists are..

New insights into the causes of cavities.

When tooth decay-causing bacteria convert sugar and starch into acids that dissolve the calcium in tooth enamel, cavities are often the result...

Top 10 DSOs in the U.S.

Earlier this year, we explored trends in group dentistry, suggesting that 2017 may be the year of the DSO. In May, DrBicuspid.com compiled a very..

“No win, no fee” lawyers targeting dentists in the U.K.

Practicing dentistry across the pond in the United Kingdom has become more and more challenging in the last decade, due in part to the aggressive..

Should You Form A DSO?

Webinar Recording

The dental industry is consolidating rapidly, with more and more dental groups forming every month. What used to be a landscape..

Aspen Dental ads spark debate.

Aspen Dental, one of the largest Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) in the United States, created some buzz a few months ago with a set of..

Bridging the gap between medical and dental.

In a recent Slate article, a D.M.D candidate at the Harvard University medical and dental schools shares a compelling anecdote about the blurred..

Will ultrasound and squid ink replace dental probes?

Dental professionals have long used hook-shaped dental probes to measure the gaps between the gum and the tooth as a method of checking for signs..

Wisconsin bill allows hygienists to work without a dentist present.

A recent article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel discusses a new law passed in Wisconsin that allows dental hygienists to work independently,..

Dental tourism in Mexico’s “Molar City.”

Last year, we discussed the rising trend of dental tourism, highlighted in Mexico’s Los Algodones. Sometimes referred to as “Molar City,” this..

Update: Low-cost Delta Dental plan approved in Massachusetts.

Last month, we discussed a new low-cost insurance plan proposed by Delta Dental of Massachusetts that could cut reimbursement rates by as much as..

Dental anesthesia rules for children under debate.

In 2015, the Sears family lost their 6-year-old boy during a routine dental procedure. The anesthesia administered to Caleb by the oral..

Will blockchain reviews pave the way for cryptocurrency in dentistry?

The internet of money, as some call it, has gained prominence in the last few years with the rise of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum..

Dental visits and domestic violence.

Many healthcare professionals are on the front lines in the fight against domestic violence. While examining patients, they are in a unique..

Massachusetts dentists express concern over new proposed low-cost Delta Dental plans.

Delta Dental of Massachusetts, the state’s largest dental insurer, recently proposed a new low-cost plan that could cut reimbursement rates by as..

Washington State DSO bill is now law.

Earlier this year, we discussed a Washington State bill that would remove a barrier of sorts between DSOs and patients, allowing DSOs to own or..

The dental care divide.

Last fall, we wrote a post about the dental care divide in the U.S. A recent Washington Post feature story put a human face on this public..

Virginia enacts e-prescription mandates for opioids.

As the Department of Health and Human Services makes clear in the starkest terms, the U.S. faces an unprecedented opioid epidemic. On an average..

Patients fretting about that dental procedure? Tell them about the Ice Age dentist who used stone tools and tar.

In a few previous posts, we explored the evidence of oral care in pre-modern societies. Thanks to fossil markings that show toothpick activity,..

Denti-Cal reimbursement bill update.

At the end of 2016, we discussed a proposed bill (AB 15) in the California state legislature aimed at increasing reimbursement rates for providers..

2017: The Year of the DSO?

The first few industry shows of 2017 (including the ADSO Summit in Florida and the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting) made one thing..

Why is the Tooth Fairy so generous?

For the past twenty years, Delta Dental’s “Tooth Fairy Poll” has tracked the “average monetary payout” from the Tooth Fairy in the United States...

California grants $150 million in dental initiatives for underserved children.

In late February, California’s Department of Health Care Services announced the 15 proposals selected for its Local Dental Pilot Project—with..

Adding dental benefits to Medicare.

It’s not uncommon for senior citizens to neglect dental treatment. In fact, federal researchers report that approximately 19 percent of adults..

Pain pills in dentistry.

Every year, 3.5 million patients in the U.S. have their wisdom teeth removed. In many cases, those patients receive a bottle of immediate-release..

More states could soon broaden authorized “dental therapist” procedures.

Dental therapists, also known as advanced dental hygiene practitioners, typically receive more training than hygienists but not quite as much as..

Possible change in law for DSOs in Washington State.

In late January, three Washington State Senators introduced a bill to loosen prohibitions in the Evergreen State on DSO activity. According to ..

Is fear of the dentist hereditary?

It’s not uncommon for patients to experience some anxiety in the dental chair, and many of our Denticon users go to great lengths to put their..

A biological replacement for conventional fillings?

In a previous post, we discussed synthetic fillings as an alternative method for treating cavities. These synthetic fillings activate stem cells..

Celebrating an icon of dental hygiene.

In 2016, celebrity deaths filled the headlines. But there was one passing that hit close to home in the dental world: on December 12th, Dr. Esther..

Higher Denti-Cal reimbursement rates in 2018?

California lawmakers have introduced a bill in the State Assembly to boost reimbursement rates for dentists participating in Denti-Cal, the..

Are e-cigarettes harmful to oral health?

In the past few years, e-cigarettes have grown in popularity in large part thanks to the perception that they aren’t nearly as harmful to health..

Why do many Americans skip the dentist?

According to a recent United Press International article, Americans are more likely to skip dental care because of cost than they are to skip any..

A new definition of oral health.

Oral health has always been somewhat loosely defined as the absence of disease—a concise definition, but one that failed to acknowledge the..

400-year-old dentures?

A recent discovery has shed some light on an early pair of dentures employing gold bands to hold the teeth in place.

Dental tourism on the rise.

If you live anywhere near the U.S.-Mexico border, chances are you know someone who has gone south in search of healthcare at a fraction of the..

Dental care goes way back.

For National Dental Hygiene Month in October we asked the kind of question a skeptical child might ask a parent: why even bother brushing if..

Halloween candy hurting your little patients?

With trick-or-treating in full swing, many pediatric dentists are bracing for the aftermath: emergency dental visits caused by excessive candy..

Many Americans don’t have access to dental care.

You may be surprised to learn that many Americans have limited access to dental care. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s ranking of..

What makes for a successful dentist CEO (part 4)?

In today’s competitive dental industry, delivering high-quality care isn’t enough to sustain a successful practice. For a practice to thrive, the..

Stranger Things teaches us about a rare dental condition.

The Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things was a smashing success this summer for the streaming company, appealing to a broad fan base with its..

It’s National Dental Hygiene Month. But why even bother brushing?

October is National Dental Hygiene Month (NDHM), with the goal of increasing awareness about the importance of maintaining proper oral hygiene...

Hiring and retaining millennials.

We discussed the importance of building the right team in part one of our “What makes for a successful dentist CEO?” series. Any solid team begins..

Sealants—more conclusive evidence.

In a recent post, we discussed the benefits of sealants in preventive care and explored some of the reasons why this method might be..

Predator patients.

Humans aren’t the only mammals that require dental treatment. Believe it or not, many animals in captivity see the dentist on a regular basis...

What makes for a successful dentist CEO (part 3)?

In today’s competitive dental industry, delivering high-quality care isn’t enough to sustain a successful practice. For a practice to thrive, the..

Sealants—avoiding the drill?

Wherever dentists and oral health experts may fall on the Great Flossing Debate of 2016, there are other methods for cavity prevention that don’t..

Looking at new practice management software? Make sure it’s flexible for growth.

Any new business software purchase can seem daunting, especially for something as critical as practice management software. With so many options..

The Great Flossing Debate of 2016: dentists respond.

Our first post last week on the Great Flossing Debate of 2016, examined the recent debate on the effectiveness of flossing—a debate sparked by the..

The Great Flossing Debate of 2016.

Flossing has become a topic of some debate lately, thanks to an Associated Press (AP) piece published in early August. According to the AP..

What makes for a successful dentist CEO (part 2)?

In today’s competitive dental industry, delivering high-quality care isn’t enough to sustain a successful practice. For a practice to thrive, the..

The future of toothpaste?

You may be wondering why toothpaste needs improving. The truth is, toothpaste tubes take an estimated 500 years to decompose because they are made..

Will Pokémon Go bring you more patients?

You’ve probably heard about Pokémon Go, the latest mobile game to sweep the nation. But did you know it’s generating new revenue for local..

How to take a vacation as a dentist.

It’s no secret that a well-deserved vacation can help you be more productive and satisfied with your work. The truth is, dentists often miss out..

No more root canals?

According to a recent article in Popular Science, researchers have developed synthetic fillings that activate stem cells in order to regrow teeth.

Teledentistry, the next step in the evolution of dental care?

Telemedicine has generated a lot of buzz recently. What about teledentistry? According to a recent article in Workforce magazine, remote dental..

What makes for a successful dentist CEO (part 1)?

In a previous white paper, we covered three common mistakes that dentists make: poor patient retention; inadequate insurance knowledge during..

Another 3 costly mistakes dentists make…and how to avoid them.

In a previous white paper, we covered three common mistakes that dentists make: poor patient retention; inadequate insurance knowledge during..

Is dental following medical?

According to the American Dental Association, solo practices represented 68% of all dental practices in the U.S. in 2014, down from 76% in 2008...

1 in 3 adults didn’t visit the dentist last year.

According to a Gallup poll, about a third of all U.S. adults didn’t visit the dentist last year. These numbers are essentially unchanged from..

eBook: 3 Costly Dental Practice Mistakes and How the Cloud Can Help Avoid Them

The model for running a solo dental practice hasn’t changed much in decades. The dentist focuses on delivery of care, while delegating mos, if not..

Interviewing a job candidate for your dental office? Steer clear of these topics.

Many dental practices face occasional (or not-so-occasional) turnover in staff, particularly in entry-level positions.

3 mistakes to avoid when buying dental practice management software.

For all of the advances in technology over the last ten years, most dental practices still run practice management software that was written in..