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Streamline and Simplify Your Processes So You Can Focus on Patient Care

By Planet DDS
May 13, 2021

By Kirk Sweigard, Vice President, Strategic Partners & Associations for CareCredit

Running a dental practice requires many critical functions including ensuring your patients return for preventive care, that they follow through on recommended treatment and that the practice gets paid — by patients and insurance companies — in a timely manner. When these systems can be automated, the team has more time to focus on building relationships and helping more patients get the care they need.

When it comes to collecting payment for dentistry delivered, one of the most important tasks is managing accounts receivable and the patient collections for the day. Luckily, some of these functions can be automated. With the new CareCredit integration into Denticon, there is an integrated payment feature that may save you some time. Now, when the patient pays with their CareCredit healthcare credit card, the payment is automatically recorded in the patient ledger. This streamlines the posting process and reduces the likelihood of human error in payment allocation.

Another benefit of the new software integration is that it can help you get patients who haven’t scheduled treatment back into the practice. The process usually begins with generating a Treatment Finder report then going through the list to identify patients. The next step requires researching the patients’ available benefits, reading the clinical documentation and finding any notes about the financial discussion with the patient and why they chose to decline or delay care. It’s probably not too surprising that the reason many patients don’t schedule care is because of cost concerns. When contacting patients off of the Treatment Finder report, it’s a great time to review payment options with them and to let them know that promotional financing is available with the CareCredit credit card. With the new CareCredit integration, you can look up cardholder information without ever leaving your Denticon software so the information you need to have a great financial conversation with patients is right at your fingertips. Plus, with CareCredit’s Quickscreen®, you can easily identify which patients are pre-approved or already have an existing CareCredit credit card, even before their appointment.  And when a patient wants to apply, most of the information for the CareCredit application is automatically filled in from the patient’s record, so all you have to do is complete a few fields of information from the patient and click “submit” to receive a credit decision within seconds. Reminder, California healthcare professionals may not submit credit applications for consumers. This feature can simplify and streamline the process, saving you time and helping more patients move from the unscheduled treatment report to a scheduled appointment.

There are many opportunities to help your patients get the treatment they need and create an efficient system for your team.

I encourage you to see for yourself how great this new integration is. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of accepting CareCredit in your practice, visit

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