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NEW! Introducing Legwork Teledental

By Planet DDS
March 15, 2021

“When we started using teledentistry in June 2020, we immediately saved 5-6 hours each week of clinical time. That efficiency translates into several days of chair time opening for treatment every month. The compounding effect on profitability alone is astounding.” – Dr. Greg Grillo

Now, more than ever before, patients are hesitant to engage with healthcare services. They’re looking for you to show them how you are keeping them safe and working with them to provide care in uncertain times.

Introducing Legwork Teledental !

Legwork Teledental makes it safe, easy, and profitable to conduct HIPAA-compliant video appointments with your patients. Reduce total patient time in the office and limit exposure to your staff while still leading patients to the smiles of their dreams.

Revolutionize Your Patient Experience

Modern problems require modern solutions. Patients crave access to low-effort, low-commitment, easy-to-execute appointments. That’s why they’ll love the simplicity of our iOS and Android apps designed to create a euphoric virtual experience. Patients can connect with you via our easy-to-use teledental app from anywhere life takes them. Walk them through treatment plans, assess concerns, and provide consultations with minimal impact on everyone’s schedule.

Capture Smiles AND Revenue

Video-based appointments can help drive growth for your dental practice by capturing untapped revenue opportunities, opening your schedule, and providing patients with personalized care.

  • Capture untapped revenue opportunity: Expand your consultative business and assess patient concerns quickly, saving you and your team hours weekly. Monetize appointments, and see more production at the same time.
  • Open up your schedule: Mitigate the risk of patient interactions that consume large amounts of time. Now you have the tools you need to assess and triage patient requests and concerns while saving both of you time.
  • Provide patients personalized care: Teledental doesn’t just benefit your regular patients; now you can easily connect on more comfortable terms with difficult-to-serve prospects like the elderly, disabled, timid, and fearful.

Learn more about how teledentistry can benefit your dental practice by downloading our free eBook.