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Legwork Announces Treatment Opportunities for Dental Offices

By Planet DDS
November 17, 2020

New add-on integrates with PMS providers and is designed to help dental practices discover new opportunities and manage and book unscheduled treatment

WENATCHEE, Wash., Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Legwork, a leading Patient Relationship Management software provider for the dental industry, announced the launch of the Treatment Opportunities dashboard, a product add-on that simplifies the process for dentists to discover, manage, and convert treatment for their patients. Legwork syncs with a growing list of Practice Management Software (PMS) providers to calculate the total value of presented, unscheduled, and scheduled treatment. The Legwork Treatment Opportunities dashboard highlights opportunities to grow revenue and provides frictionless communication tools and templates to convert and schedule treatment. The Treatment Opportunities dashboard is available for immediate use.

“Treatment procedures that are unscheduled or need rescheduling are revenue opportunities for practices,” said Mike Gibson, CTO for Legwork. “Treatment Opportunities simplifies the isolation and outreach workflow so practices can generate more revenue without depending solely upon new patients.”

“While some planned treatment is truly elective, many of the plans in our database show care that’s designed to stop progressive disease,” said Dr. Greg Grillo, of Grillo Robeck Dental, located in Omak, Washington. “Unscheduled care means we’re not fully educating our patients so they understand the extent of their dental problems. We need help, and that’s what Legwork Treatment Opportunities brings to the table.”

Problem Legwork Treatment Opportunities Addresses

Prior to Legwork Treatment Opportunities, it was often a time-consuming and difficult process for dental teams to find patients in their database who had been presented treatment procedures and convert them to scheduling the treatment. The practice may be waiting on a decision from the patient, waiting for the patient to schedule the treatment, or they may need to reschedule after cancelling a treatment appointment. Legwork Treatment Opportunities equips dental practices with the tools they need to grow the practice without relying exclusively on gaining new clients. By receiving follow-up communications, patients who move forward with treatment will benefit from improved overall health and wellbeing.

Legwork Treatment Opportunities Highlights

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About Legwork

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