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How To Leverage Video To Attract More Patients

By Planet DDS
March 30, 2022

By Dr. Greg Grillo

As healthcare brands, we’re all jockeying for a piece of the community’s attention. Establishing awareness with consumers takes a multi-platform strategy and a sharp eye on trends. As video’s appeal continues to rise, we can’t afford to ignore it. The average person spends 16 hours weekly consuming video content, and that’s grown by 52% in the past two years. Every practice wants to attract more patients and enjoy recognition as top-shelf authorities in their local area. Well-crafted blog articles and consistent email campaigns are ways to entrench your brand with consumers, but video will take your efforts to the next level. Take advantage of video to drive these key benefits:

Boost Conversions

Video entertains, but it also moves people through the decision-making process. Innovative brands know that landing page videos boost conversion rates by 80% .

Generate Solid ROI

You may spend a few dollars on some videos, but short, team-generated clips can supplement your efforts, too. The ROI on video ranks higher than Google Ads for 68% of marketers.

Connect With Viewers

Video brings the static to life. Healthcare content aims to build long-term relationships, and video does this better than any other form of media. This content form breaks down barriers and increases the likeability factor of our brands.

Google Loves Videos

If your page has a video, you’re 53% more likely to rank on the first page of Google. Plus, videos hold viewers on your site longer, pouring more fuel on your SEO results.

Mobile Users Want More Video

Mobile video consumption continues to double every year, and the average person spends 30 minutes daily watching videos on their phones. Thanks to mobile trends, videos associated with your brand will end up following patients wherever they go.

Enhance Your Healthcare Brand’s Online Presence

Videos don’t come in a one-size-fits-all format, and that’s one of the advantages. From professional productions to phone clips, multiple options put this media within reach of any healthcare practice. We know that video deserves a place in our overall marketing strategy, but what’s the best way to enhance your healthcare brand’s online presence?

Consider these 5 video strategies for 2022:

1. Educational Videos

Patients look to us as trustworthy healthcare authorities in our niche. Informative videos can cover common conditions, connect our brand to them, and nudge them to schedule an appointment. We can also discuss treatment in a way that other resources don’t. Remember that patients don’t want to see procedures or treatments; they want to be educated on the benefits. Focus on describing critical aspects of the procedure, but weave benefits and long-term values. Consider including a testimonial or a short story about a patient who enjoyed a particular procedure’s outcomes.

2. Post-Op Instructions

Printed instruction sheets are helpful, but videos covering the same guidance carry extra weight. Viewers remember 95% of the content when they watch it in a video compared to only 10% when they read it. You can record these on your phone, post them on your website, and include your support staff in relevant topics. Once again, patients spend more time on your site and may look at other features while there. Your SEO will also enjoy a nudge.

3. Give An Office Tour

Patients enjoy many choices for their healthcare, and welcoming them “into” your space through video can help solidify their decision. Consider bringing a professional videographer to record and edit a version that you can use for several years. Add it to your website and enjoy the added benefit of viewers spending more time on your pages. Remember, that can help boost SEO while bringing your practice to life for prospective patients.

4. Patient Testimonials

Personal stories from patients who’ve become raving fans help build social proof in a way nothing else does. If you hire a videographer, consider bringing in a couple of patients for a quick unscripted recording. However, don’t hesitate to use your phone! With good lighting and an excellent background to record stories from patients, you can create a great video. Authenticity resonates with curious consumers, and these videos can be placed on your website and social media. Consider video testimonials glowing reviews on steroids.

5. Social Video

If you want to exponentially amplify your social media efforts, post a video. Professional videos you have produced in the past can be posted on social media. However, don’t hesitate to record clips on your phone and add them to social channels. Over 80% of viewers would rather watch videos than read written posts. You don’t have to come up with a documentary; the best organic Facebook video posts run between 24-90 seconds . So, choose a topic and record it. Your viewers will appreciate the authenticity, and you’ll get much more mileage than practices sticking to traditional posts.

Video Marketing In Healthcare For 2022

A new year offers the perfect opportunity to assess your overall marketing strategy and tools. The Legwork Marketing Platform provides a centralized dashboard to monitor campaigns and direct your brand message. Legwork Websites offer captivating designs highlighting multiple video types, including office tours, education, patient instructions, and more. After all, 86% of people say they want to see more videos from brands. Make 2022 the year you give patients more of the content they want!