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Denticon 835 Auto Post: Streamline Your Claims Process

By Planet DDS
March 19, 2021

How much time does your staff spend each day on processing insurance claims? Do they spend time tracking down claims, attaching supporting documentation from third-party applications, and manually posting payments? Even if they spend just one hour per day, that’s the equivalent of spending one whole month each year on tasks that can largely be automated within Denticon. By using Denticon, your office can eliminate the manual filing of claims and get paid faster with fewer errors, delays, and denials. You can streamline the claims process from beginning to end, including eligibility verification, instant claim attachments, and auto posting of 835 files.

835 Auto Post is just one of the many automations in Denticon that will save your practice time and money. Read on to learn what 835 Auto Post can do for your practice!

What is Denticon’s 835 Auto Post?

The 835 Auto Posting feature in Denticon is a process in which payments from insurance companies are automatically posted to a patient’s account.  

Does your practice handle electronic claims? If so, you’re probably familiar with terms like 837 files and 835 files. For those who are new to the topic, an 837 file is claim information sent by providers (dental practices like you) to payors (insurance companies), and an 835 file is payment information sent from payors to providers for services rendered. Because these are electronic files, they can be automatically processed within Denticon.

Streamlining Payment Posting with 835 Auto Post

Last week, we talked about the effects of burnout on employees of dental practices, and it quickly became one of the most-read blog posts this year. So, this week, we wanted to share how Denticon can help alleviate high workloads for dental offices.

Denticon can drastically reduce staff workloads by performing insurance eligibility verification, allowing users to instantly attach supporting documentation for claims, and automatically posting 835 files. By utilizing Denticon, you can reduce errors and delays so you can get paid faster.

Tech Speak

Here are a few technical terms that you should know to get started with 835 Auto Post in Denticon:

837 Files: electronic claim information sent from providers (dental offices) to payors (insurance companies)

835 Files: payment information sent by payors to providers for services rendered

ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice): an electronic version of an Explanation of Benefits

EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer): direct deposit

Let Denticon Post Your Payments for You

Here’s how the claims and payment posting process might look for your office:

  1. The patient comes to your office, and your office renders services.
  2. Your office then sends the claim to DentalXChange via Denticon, attaching any supporting documentation.
  3. DentalXChange then submits the claim information to the appropriate insurance company.
  4. The insurance company then pays the claim.
  5. Once the payment information is received, DentalXChange sends that information to Denticon.
  6. Denticon uses its programming logic to match and post the payment information to the original claim.

No more manual entry of payments!

What the 835 Auto Post Cannot Do


Now that we’ve covered what Denticon can do to help your office streamline the claims and payment posting process for your office, let’s talk about what it can’t do.


For instance, it cannot post payments that are not made electronically, such as payments made by check. Another example of a payment that won’t post automatically in Denticon is if the claim was initially sent electronically by another practice management system. Sometimes, a file comes in, but the payment is dated for a future date. In that case, the payment won’t be posted until the payment date arrives.  


How Do I Know if My Office is Ready for 835 Auto Post? 


If your office handles electronic claims, our implementation coordinators can offer on any areas where you need assistance. In general, we recommend that your office has had at least one month of successfully submitting electronic claims and receiving payments from insurance companies in Denticon. Fee schedules and insurance plans should also be set up within Denticon. We also recommend that you have a working knowledge of how to post insurance payments and adjust within the DentalXChange portal. Again, our team of experts is on hand to offer training and help you get the most value out of our 835 Auto Post feature.


How Can I Get Started with 835 Auto Post?


We want to set you up for success! If your office is interested in using the 835 Auto Post feature, we would love to walk you through our implementation process.


During implementation, we will schedule a Kickoff Call to provide an overview of the 835 Auto Post process and assess your office’s readiness to starting using 835 Auto Post. We will follow up with a Discovery Call to plan a rollout of the service and define parameters for the Auto Post. We will then guide your office through enrollment in DentalXChange to identify which insurance companies provide ERA/EFTs to gain approval. Then, we will schedule a go-live date to activate the Auto Post process, and finally, we will continue to provide support post-live date to ensure that your office can continue to process claims and payments as smoothly as possible.


If you’re a current Denticon client and want to get started with 835 Auto Post, we’d be happy to get you started! Please email us at [email protected] for more information.  


If you’re not yet a client and interested in learning more about Denticon, please contact our sales team: [email protected].