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7 Facts to Consider for Maximizing Your Website

By Planet DDS
September 10, 2020

Stay a step ahead of your online competition

By Dr. Greg Grillo

An average website isn’t optional in today’s crowded digital scene. The best practices move their site from good to exceptional with tactics that match the statistical evidence. After all, numbers don’t lie. And nearly every patient who chooses your practice will spend some time on your pages…and the pages of practices around you.

What do they find, and how can you make your website attract and hold people? For the twenty-first century, here’s what some of the numbers say and what they mean to you:

Fact 1: 94% of a visitor’s first impression relates to your web design

It’s true online and offline: you don’t get a second chance to make an excellent first impression. The design of your website makes an instant mark. A careful balance of visual and content elements appeal to first-time visitors and encourage them to return.

Legwork Websites makes it easy with clean, captivating designs proven to hold attention. We add your custom brand elements to make sure visitors know what your practice is all about.

Fact 2: 89% of consumers choose a competing business after an unpleasant user experience

An exceptional website should hold a visitor beyond the typical eight second attention span. Your site needs to offer a memorable experience and give them reasons to stay on-site. This metric helps SEO efforts and builds more trust and credibility.

Patients report higher satisfaction when they discover the convenience of 24/7 appointment scheduling on your website. Plus, it gives them a reason to return to your site, where they may interact with other features during their visit.

Legwork Websites uses forms, quizzes, assessments, and videos to keep visitors engaged and interested. Legwork Online Booking allows patients to choose a convenient appointment time without calling during business hours.

Fact 3: 74% of users are more likely to return to mobile-friendly websites

With most online time spent on mobile devices, your website must be designed to shine on the move. If a user finds themselves frustrated on your mobile website, they may not return. Plus, Google considers mobile-friendliness as one metric in search rankings. You can check the responsiveness of your site on this mobile-friendly test by Google.

Consumers are reaching a point where they want to do everything from their phone. Adding an online paperless forms option increases the value of your mobile and desktop site. And it’s yet another reason to bring patients back to your site.

Legwork Websites takes website design one step further: we design mobile-first sites. Your site looks first-class and loads quickly across all platforms and devices. Embed Legwork Paperless into your site, and patients enjoy functionality, too. They can complete and sign forms anywhere, anytime!

Fact 4: 73% of companies invest in design to help their brand stand out from competitors

From coffee shops to dental practices, the best businesses invest in impressive websites. This extra effort produces compelling features that engage visitors, gathers contact information, and brings people back multiple times.

Legwork Websites uses proven designs that work today, not five years ago. We blend technical features, artistic flair, and custom feel. Our team of skilled account managers, copywriters, and designers infuse your brand through every element.

Fact 5: Slow-loading websites cost businesses $2.6 billion every year

It seems like a little thing, but adds up. If your website takes too long to load, you’re going to lose visitors. In fact, most people expect a site to load in 3 seconds or less! The technical aspects behind your site’s load-speed relate to a set of factors that directly impact the user experience.

Legwork Websites factors in every nuance of an effective website experience for visitors. We even consider the difference between a site that takes 3 seconds to load and one that takes 4 seconds.

Fact 6: Users spend 88% more time on pages with videos

Videos captivate visitors, and they hold them on your page. You can use video to explain procedures, give a tour of your office, or provide a dynamic bio of you or your team. Video breaks up text content and increases the amount of time a visitor stays on your site. Google likes that, and it’s beneficial for your brand.

The Legwork team of designers know when and where video lends a helpful hand. And if you want help creating a custom video to elevate your website even further, we can connect you with the right resource.

Fact 7: 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase goods or services from brands that offer personalized experiences, including content.

Your website’s visual components make up half the puzzle, but the written content plays an influential role, too. Useful articles posted on your blog with a patient-friendly tone can educate patients on the benefits of exceptional dentistry. Embedded assessments can also help them discover a desire for your services.

Legwork Campaigns works in sync with your website to establish push-pull relationships with site visitors and patients. Patients are encouraged to read articles or download eBooks on specific subjects you select from our customized library.

Use The Numbers To Grow

An optimized website reflects consumer trends that affect your dental practice and every other business. To top it off, the ripples of COVID-19 don’t leave much room for error. While some patients are ready for treatment, others are weighing the return to elective care. Your website carries weight, but you need to adapt to stay on the crest of the wave.

The Legwork team gets it. It’s all we’ve done for two decades, and we love helping innovative teams get better. We can help you design, revise, or manage your website to maximum your impact!