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6 Ways to Make Your Patients’ Dental Appointments Extraordinary

By Planet DDS
January 7, 2021

You’re taking an excellent approach to marketing your practice, using time-saving dental appointment reminder software, and seeing an increase in new patient visits. Fabulous!

However, outward efforts are only part of the dental marketing puzzle. You must create value in the dental appointment process in order for your marketing endeavors to succeed.

With so much competition in dentistry today, it is vital to set yourself apart. Yes, you’re booking new patients, but will they be one-time appointments because of a non-memorable experience? To make sure they’ll become lifelong patients, you must start at the beginning of the patient journey by creating value throughout their appointment.

Here are 6 essential areas that are crucial to the dental appointment process:

1. Greeting

When patients arrive at your office, create a memorable experience by greeting them with their first name. While using first names may seem obvious, many offices ignore this simple courtesy.

2. Transitions

Taking the patient from the waiting room, to the operatory, and back to the waiting room needs to be smooth and seamless. When transferring between one staff member’s care, make them feel valued by introducing each staff member as the patient encounters them. If transitions are ignored, the patient might feel awkward, like they’re walking through a place they don’t belong.

Make sure you clearly communicate directions regarding what to do next and where patients should go during their visit. Dental appointments are often anxiety-inducing causing some patients to dread the experience. With a quality transition, you can help reduce these negative emotions and associations.

3. Consistency

Maintain consistent communication between your team members. Remember, your patients are customers . They shouldn’t have to repeat or explain themselves during the appointment process. Make sure everyone on your staff stays informed about each patient coming through your office. That way, newcomers and regular patients alike will experience a seamless, low-stress appointment.

4. Overall Appearance

From the office exterior to the waiting lobby, the appearance of your space is important and has a large impact on the patient’s experience. Many practices neglect their space, and we often see unorganized waiting rooms with magazines thrown about and little thought given toward patient comfort. Allot some time each day for your front office staff to keep the area appealing and welcoming.

5. Operatory

Your operatory should be a calm and relaxing environment. Approaching a cold, clinical operatory induces anxiety and can lead to an alienating experience. Remember, patients are your valued customers and guests–not science experiments!

6. Patient Send-off

Evaluate how you’re ending your patient’s visits. Are you simply pointing them to the lobby and saying “Have a nice day”? Consider providing patients with something that sets you apart more than a standard gift bag with a toothbrush and floss, that they’ll want to share about with family or friends. The send-off is the most important time to reinforce your value so you retain a patient relationship for life .

Set Your Practice Apart

To be competitive, you need to set your practice apart. Dental patient marketing is a puzzle with many different pieces, and one of the biggest pieces is the patient’s experience with your practice, starting from their very first call or contact with you. Book a demo and learn how to convert nearly every call into actual dental appointments. Find out how to create a memorable, positive experience, and you’ll have patients who look forward to appointments and are eager to tell their friends about your practice!