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Midtown Dentistry Optimizes Operations with Planet DDS Cloud-Based Solutions for Dental Practices

By Planet DDS
April 28, 2022

With 5 dental practices located in Houston, TX, Midtown Dentistry has long been considered a leader in full-service dental needs and cosmetic dentistry. Managing Partner, Dr. Jonathan Penchas, came to Planet DDS recognizing that dentistry is going digital. He sought cloud-based solutions for dental practices that would modernize technology and enhance patient care while supporting optimal business operations.  

Prior to onboarding Planet DDS, Midtown Dentistry operated using antiquated server-based software that was costly, lacked security, and did not allow for remote access to patient information or administrative operations. Midtown Dentistry needed the ability to centralize and access patient data across all locations and move from server-based software to secure cloud-based solutions. Dr. Penchas also wanted centralized reporting to track KPIs and make data-driven decisions that would support business objectives.    

Planet DDS delivers a secure, cloud-based platform that streamlines operations and processes. Midtown Dentistry relies on Planet DDS solutions Denticon practice management and Apteryx Imaging. Denticon provides robust reporting and centralized, secure access to data. Apteryx delivers full-suite imaging software that offers cloud-based accessibility, significant cost savings, 3D capabilities, and enhanced IT security. Together they enable Midtown Dentistry to securely access patient imaging and information from anywhere, while gaining key operational insights.  

Cloud-Based Platform for Dental Practices that Protects Data While Reducing Costs 

Denticon and Apteryx provide secure, cloud-based data and image storage while reducing the costs required to maintain and repair onsite servers. With data breaches on the rise for medical offices and living in a region vulnerable to hurricanes and flooding, data security, accessibility, and backups were primary objectives for Dr. Penchas. Noting that server-based software was vulnerable to hackers and natural disasters, Planet DDS’s cloud-based, cutting-edge security provides Dr. Penchas peace of mind.  

“We are based in Houston, and hurricanes are the norm here. And now we have pandemics, too. With a cloud-based solution, we’re up and running 100% of the time,” said Dr. Penchas.  “There’s no data loss, hard drive problems, or technical issues, ever. Our imaging is up and running 24/7. It’s a cost savings and offers continuous access.” 

Additionally, data breaches could leave Midtown Dentistry liable to patients and expose them to HIPAA violations. “As a fiduciary, if you’ve been hacked, you have to let everyone know,” explains Dr. Penchas. “When you let your patients and business associates know, people will think that you’re not really on top of your game, so you can lose a lot of brand value, which is unfortunate when you’ve spent a lot of time and money building that up.”  

As a cloud-based solution, Planet DDS also enables Midtown Dentistry to reduce costly server maintenance and repair fees. “Not having to rely on any server hardware has saved my practice a lot of money. I would challenge anyone to take a pen and paper and add up all of the costs of buying and maintaining hardware. It’s just not affordable. And then there are security issues, maintenance, backups, IT consultants that you also have to pay for,” said Dr. Penchas.  

Easy and Secure Remote Access to Patient Information and Images 

With Planet DDS, Dr. Penchas can consult with anyone on his team in any location by viewing 2D or 3D images and making recommendations in real-time. This includes everything from X-rays to panoramic images, as well as patient records, scheduling, and appointment management. Executive and administrative teams have visibility across all offices and can collaborate from anywhere in the world.  

Planet DDS also enables Midtown Dentistry to securely collaborate and communicate with external dental specialists, laboratories, and external referrals all while maintaining HIPAA compliance. “Apteryx allows me to send an image, pick up the phone, and consult with an endodontist about a root canal. They can view it in real-time while we’re on the phone,” said Dr. Penchas. “I can send images to my laboratory, whether it’s CBCT or X-rays, and they can start working on them immediately.” 

“We have doctors who can still log in and do everything they need to do if they’re on vacation abroad,” explains Dr. Penchas. “We also have employees in the Philippines, and they have secure access, too. As a DSO, we also have some of our accounts receivable and collections services teams working all over the country remotely during the pandemic. It’s like a window for everyone on the team. I can’t imagine working any other way.” 

All practice information is securely accessible making collaboration easy in or out of the office. 

Data-Driven Business Optimization for Dental Clinics 

Planet DDS delivers centralized data and standardized tools for Midtown Dentistry’s clinicians, billing team, and remote staff. This translates to actionable insights, analytics and reporting, making it easier to track and manage KPIs and optimize business practices. With Denticon and Apteryx, data and images are all in one centralized place.  

“We use reports to track production and collection for our practice. Our hygienists have their own reports and our associates are paid based on the allocation report,” said Dr. Penchas. “We use the clinical dashboard daily, which automatically gets sent to all the doctors to help them be better business owners.” 

Planet DDS enables Midtown Dentistry to view data from a single office or across all offices as a single entity. Reports are customizable, allowing Dr. Penchas and his team to develop reporting based on their needs and the KPIs they want to track.  

Learn More About Planet DDS Cloud-Based Solutions for Your Dental Practice 

“If I had to choose again right now, I would not move to any other software. At this price point and what you get for it, there is nothing out on the market that will save me more money or give me better results,” Dr. Penchas says. 

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