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Get a clear understanding of your practice performance.

Too many dental practices are guessing at what’s working and what isn’t. Denticon replaces guesswork with comprehensive, real-time analytics.

Intelligent, actionable insights
at your fingertips

Whether you’re a growing DSO or reputable solo practice, access to analytics is critical for long-term growth and profitability. Denticon helps you achieve complete transparency in every aspect of your dental practice.

Get the full

Understand how each individual location is performing financially. With Denticon you can filter data by organization, office, or regional area.

Get the right data,

Pulling data from multiple systems using a VPN is time-consuming and ineffective. Denticon gives you fast access to all of the data you need in one secure location.

Access 100+

Denticon hosts an extensive reporting library. Simply select the information you want to view, and Denticon will automatically pull the data and generate the report.

Increase your
practice valuation

One of the surest paths to a lower valuation is to present disorganized financials. Denticon’s advanced reporting helps you showcase your value through hard data.

The data gives us facts to support the clinical investments we've made at Marquee. The clinical feedback and coaching that's provided to doctors and hygienists have come from the facts that clinical leaders get from our [Denticon] reporting systems.

Fred Ward
CEO, Marquee Dental Partners

From daily dashboards to annual revenue projections, Denticon delivers the data you need for success.

Morning huddle

We know that the daily schedule is every clinician’s source of truth, so we created an easy-to-use dashboard that provides a detailed overview of the day including number of appointments, appointment type, previous relevant notes, and more.

Enterprise reporting

Our advanced reporting tool is the result of decades of experience working with DSOs around the country. Access an extensive, ever-growing library of reports and get an in-depth view of your KPIs. Create dashboards for different employee profiles and even schedule key reports on automated timelines.

Stop guessing. Start knowing.

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What people are saying…

I gained the ability to see all three offices at any given moment - doctors' and hygienists' locations, schedules, how busy they are, and more, just by clicking the specific location.

Martha McCarty
RDH, Business and HR Manager of Cross, Lavinder, Quinn & Park Family Dentistry

We target a certain daily weekly and monthly production and it helps so much to know our numbers so we know what to market to referring offices, and where we can improve. I talk about Denticon to every single dentist I meet. Unsolicited advice for sure but I cannot praise it enough. It makes the clinical aspect but more importantly the business aspect so darn easy! I love how easy it is to use and stay on top of our daily weekly and monthly goals.

Dr. Edna Buckle
Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Avie Oral Surgery Group

We have found so many benefits and unexpected synergies in using Denticon—and it seems like we're always discovering a few more. We are sure that it has been a genuine competitive advantage for us, making it possible for us to keep-up and even excel in today's rapidly-evolving dental practice arena.

Dr. Douglas Doran
Owner of Rivereast Dental
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